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Alec Bradley Black Market Reviews

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Alec Bradley Black Market Torpedo
"Alec Bradley Black Market"
After trying my first Alec Bradley Black Market, I have to say that this is a winner. Great taste from the beginning to the end. If you like a medium body Madura cigar, you can not go wrong with this flavorful cigar!
Vince in Maryland March 21, 2014
Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan
"The incredible Hulk of cigars"
Plenty of punches are packed in the Hooligan. well worth the investment.
Cigartisan in Louisiana March 14, 2014
Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan
"Excellent smoke"
Amazing, first puff to last! Draw was impeccable, candela wrapper is not what you would expect. Delicious taste. Burn was uneven but I blame myself for lighting improperly as i was snowblowing. Even in the cold weather never had to relite. I loved every bit of this cigar and that was last years model. This release is even better than the first. Well done AB. I will be looking to buy a box of these somewhere soon when in the budget!
Dave in Cedar Falls March 4, 2014
Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo
This was an amazing cigar. Full of flavor, and a very smooth smoke. Lots of coco taste, and second and last third introduced alot of nice pepper taste. This will likely be my first box I purchase.
Tony B in Concord Ca January 29, 2014
Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo
"Did Not Enjoy"
I recieved the cigar in a sampler and was very excited to try it out. The cigar itself seems to be constructed well, the burn is on point, apperance is nothing special but nice. The taste is lacking A LOT. very bitter taste
cigartester August 16, 2013
Alec Bradley Black Market Toro
"A great after-dinner smoke"
Right out of the box, I was impressed with the build quality and consistency of the cigar. Beautiful construction, packed just well enough to allow for a near-perfect burn until the end. The flavor borders on cocoa with a slightly grassy finish, which tends not to linger for very long. The Alec Bradley Black Market is a good option for an after-dinner smoke.
Ryan in Maryland June 17, 2013
Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
"Good smooth cigar"
Tried this cigar with a Alec Bradley sampler and was very pleased. Hints of spice and wood is what I tasted. Medium, with a easy draw and thick white smoke. Burn was a little uneven but that not big of a deal. Suggest you try.
Anthony in California June 5, 2013
Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
"Was not expecting that!!!"
This cigar was one of the better ones I have had the pleasure of enjoying! the First few puffs had a nice peppery and chocolate taste to them, and then in the middle it became a real smooth almost sweet taste with a finishing taste similar to the beginning but mixed with the middles taste. Before lighting it, it took the time to examine the cigar and it seemed to be constructed very very well. A good smoke at a good price, I definitely recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a kick butt smoke.
Chase in Michigan May 31, 2013
Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
"Very good smoke"
Great flavor,great burn, overall great cigar for the price
Rick Spomer in Omaha, Ne March 20, 2013
Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill
"A whole heap of flavors"
A very good looking stick, I like the shroud band. A couple of veins in the wrapper, but still burnt somewhat even. 1st third, very creamy and fruity, though not a lot of smoke. Opens up very well into the 2nd third. Still afew notes of cream and currants, but starting to get a good, rich earthy flavor. The 3rd third (HA, see what I did there?) develops a very strong earthy, woodsy flavor with some spicy notes if you get it too hot. The whole smoke has a nice, sweet underflavor, no doubt from the wrapper. Smells great too. This probably the best churchill ive had.
Greg in Georgia February 25, 2013
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