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Alec Bradley Black Market Reviews

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Alec Bradley Black Market Robusto
"Might have needed more time in the Humidor"
Well I bought this about a month ago. let it sit in my humidor for until today and lit it up. Its quite aromatic. Slight floral nights and definitely a nice smoke but it had some rather harsh parts as well. I think I'll buy a 5 pack and let them sit for a year and then give them a whirl again. The initial light wasn't that great. It went out on me but after that it was fine. had a small wavering line but quickly straightened itself out. I'm pleased but hoping some more time will get rid of the harshness. Give em a try. a good 85 in my book. So far. Hopefully a good 90 the second time around
Ian in Columbus,Ohio May 9, 2012
Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo
"My all time go to Stogie"
If your looking for a long pleasure filled smoke then look no further. Excellent taste and room note. Also a great cigar for those who (like my self) love those thick oily cigars. All in all a beautiful smoke!
Gabe in Kansas April 25, 2012
Alec Bradley Black Market Toro 5 Pack
"You'll never regret it!"
A very smooth smoke with no after taste. A cigar one will truly enjoy after a long day. Don't be left out on this one.
Fig in Crestview, FL April 8, 2012
Alec Bradley Black Market Gordo
As I wrte, I'm down to the nub on a Gorda. I rarely smoke a cigar that far down and a gorda... never! It started off just ok, then in a few minutes, BAM! The flavors of the Tempus, Prensado and family blend showed up. This is a WINNER. Wow!
Dr Dano in Los Angeles March 5, 2012
Alec Bradley Black Market Churchill
"Great Cigar"
My son and daughter-in-law gave me a couple of cigars for Christmas and there was one Black Market cigar which I smoked first and really enjoyed. It burned really well, the taste was very good. If you want a little change from your everyday cigar this is it/ I will be getting more of these.
Robert in Savannah, Ga February 27, 2012
Alec Bradley Black Market Toro
"Pretty nice smoke!"
Had a chance to try one of these at my local cigar bar this week. Hadn't heard of these before but really enjoy the Tempus, so I thought I'd give this one a try. Overall, I was quite impressed. Not as strong as the Tempus, but very flavorful, the burn was perfect, great taste. I'm going to be smoking more of these!
kirch in st. louis December 16, 2011
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