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Alec Bradley Connecticut Reviews

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Alec Bradley Connecticut Gordo
I have long enjoyed gordo sized cigars from Alec Bradley, namely those in the American Classic and American Sun Grown lines; however, these are not comparable. The larger ring gauge allows for more stem in the filler, and therefore a lot of problems with burn, consistency, and draw. I have yet to get one to stay lit past the first half inch, before tunneling and highly uneven burn sets in. Because of this, I am unable to get a full draw off of the stick, and cannot begin to evaluate taste and flavor profile. Alec Bradley needs to correct this flaw in production, otherwise this stick is a complete disappointment, and waste of space in the humidor, as it cannot be enjoyed.
David A. in Seattle June 19, 2014
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
"Good Introduction for a Newbie"
Draw was rather tight. Light-to-medium body with medium Honduran tobacco flavors and a nutty aftertaste. Creamy on the palate with no bitterness or sourness whatsoever. Would make a good introductory cigars for newbies. The stick I received from Famous showed three green spots on the wrapper. 86-87+ points could be 89 points if they fix the tight draw.
Stefan in City by the Bay February 6, 2014
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
"Good Smoke"
Smooth, fine taste, with a good draw. Decidedly more mild than medium. Well constructed but burn became a little uneven near the end. Be warned: the wrapper is very fragile. I like this cigar!
Stew in Connecticut September 26, 2013
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
"Smooth, Mild Nice Draw"
Nice cigar, definitely more on the mild side. Easy draw. Well made, packed filler. Wrapper was rather thin. Like tissue paper thin. Nice mild vanilla almost creme brûlée mid way through. Like Coors Light. Mild, nothing mind blowing but decent.
Ray in New Hampshire July 14, 2013
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
Wonderful taste, one of the best draws ever. More mild than medium. Hint of spice about 1/4 down. Other than that, just mild tobacco and nutty flavour. Alec Bradley must just have some great tobacco right now because they are top of the food chain in my opinion, lots of great (and relatively affordable) sticks out there.
Josh in Bama June 28, 2013
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
Very smooth, fine taste, and a good cigar for first timers. I had my friend smoke this one for his first, and it had him back down at the local cigar shop wanting more. Don't pass this one up.
Deric in Alabama June 26, 2013
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
"Worth an audition"
Robusto, v-cut, well made, excellent burn, mild taste significantly influenced by beautiful split-free wrapper, refreshing and non-tiring, best suited to the cigarman with the skill to manage a cigar of this type, has not earned spot in humidor but not without merit. Reference favorites DPG Blue, Cain Daytona, Perdomo Lot 23 CT, AB ACB, Mac Cafe.
Charles in Virginia Beach, VA June 6, 2013
Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto
"Not bad"
Not a bad cigar. Mild to medium cigar with creamy white smoke. Tastes of nuts and earth. Worth a try.
Anthony in California June 4, 2013
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