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Alec Bradley Family Blend Reviews

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Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1
I guess i am going to have to take it all in stride. I read reviews that i took to heart, good smokes and bad smokes. but when i read that this was a bad smoke i had to stop and think. bad reiews?? i just got one in a sample pack and thought it was one of the best smokes i have had and i have had a few. SO THAT IS WHY I AM CONFUSED!
Art in Dallas November 12, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1
"Uneven burn and wrapper came off"
I would not recommend this cigar. The taste was not bad, nor the pull. However, it had an uneven burn, the wrapper came undone (not because it was dry) and the leaf had stem in it.
Eric B in Redmond, Wa September 25, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend T11
"Pretty good!"
This cigar has a smooth appearance with small veins, and slightly oily wrapper. I bought my cigar from a store that lets the cigars age before they sell them. I let mine sit an additional 6 months in my humidor and upon lighting the cigar I was delighted with strong pepper and leather notes. the notes became smooth and turned into a leather and anise flavour. the draw was tight at first, and soon became easier with thick creamy smoke. I can see how this some might not like this cigar as it does start off rather strong, however after letting this sit I was delighted and I think that is the key with this one.
Mike in Calgary August 5, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend M23
"Excellent medium body smoke at a great price."
My favorite meduim bodied and highly rated Churchill keeps going up in price, so I've been on a quest for something comparable at a lower cost. I think this is it. This cigar is very consistent with a good draw and a great burn and an excellent taste. I'm not an expert, but my friends always seem to like my cigar picks. I recommend this one.
Charles in Atlanta April 10, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend BX2
"Great Smoke!"
Great smoke for the money. Great flavors and a great burn. I have made this my daily smoke and have been happy with almost everyone I have had.
Zach in Ventura, CA March 18, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend D3
"Very poor tasting cigar"
A review was previously submitted as to the 5X50. It was this size. Very dark ash and smoke, terrible aroma. However, the first cigar from the box was perfect. But my friends and I tried others and had to discard them.
Raymond Simmons in South Carolina March 13, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1
"An excellent cigar"
This is one great cigar! I'd rate it medium-bodied at most, but it had a wonderful flavor for my taste. Flawless construction, easy draw, really nice to look at, and a really nice size for me. People around me asked what I was smoking--here in Ga. you can eat a steak AND smoke indoors--because the aroma was sooooo nice! A great Honduran.
Ken K in Valdosta, GA March 5, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend D3
"A great mild smoke."
This is an exceptional cigar. Seldom can you find A milder cigar that has any character. Flavors run from mild spices to A great earthiness. Some wood and leather, just A little. Overall I enjoyed this cigar. Not A powerhouse by far but long on flavor. I can agree with the rating of 93 that seems to be standard for this cigar across the board. A well constructed cigar that I will definitely be buying.
Rodney Beckom in Rockmart Ga. February 22, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1
"Could not pawn these off to my friends."
Can remember one worse cigar tastewise. Tried giving these to my golfing buddies. They refused them.
Raymond Simmons in South Carolina February 22, 2011
Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1
"Had higher hopes, but great smoke!"
Received this cigar in the Alec Bradley sampler. Love MAXX cigars so wanted to try others by AB. Draw is great, tastes spicy throughout. Near the end is harsh but I smoked mine until my fingers burned. Had higher hopes but failed to deliver. Nice as a diverse intro to other creations from AB. Still sticking with MAXX!
Neil A Taylor in Alliston January 29, 2011
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