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Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1 Reviews [view details]

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I guess i am going to have to take it all in stride. I read reviews that i took to heart, good smokes and bad smokes. but when i read that this was a bad smoke i had to stop and think. bad reiews?? i just got one in a sample pack and thought it was one of the best smokes i have had and i have had a few. SO THAT IS WHY I AM CONFUSED!
Art in Dallas November 12, 2011
"Uneven burn and wrapper came off"
I would not recommend this cigar. The taste was not bad, nor the pull. However, it had an uneven burn, the wrapper came undone (not because it was dry) and the leaf had stem in it.
Eric B in Redmond, Wa September 25, 2011
"An excellent cigar"
This is one great cigar! I'd rate it medium-bodied at most, but it had a wonderful flavor for my taste. Flawless construction, easy draw, really nice to look at, and a really nice size for me. People around me asked what I was smoking--here in Ga. you can eat a steak AND smoke indoors--because the aroma was sooooo nice! A great Honduran.
Ken K in Valdosta, GA March 5, 2011
"Could not pawn these off to my friends."
Can remember one worse cigar tastewise. Tried giving these to my golfing buddies. They refused them.
Raymond Simmons in South Carolina February 22, 2011
"Had higher hopes, but great smoke!"
Received this cigar in the Alec Bradley sampler. Love MAXX cigars so wanted to try others by AB. Draw is great, tastes spicy throughout. Near the end is harsh but I smoked mine until my fingers burned. Had higher hopes but failed to deliver. Nice as a diverse intro to other creations from AB. Still sticking with MAXX!
Neil A Taylor in Alliston January 29, 2011
"Pleasantly Surprised - New Favorite"
Got two of these in the AB Sampler and this was the first stick I tried. WOW, this thing has flavor! It reminded me of a smokey, oaky scotch. Flavor started early and lasted till the very end. Draw and construction were great. Good looking, great tasting stick!
Jason in Duluth, GA January 22, 2011
"Nice change of pace"
Other than a little bit of a burn issue, this is a nice cigar. I don't have to relight many, but this petered out about half way through. Burn was good until then, but became very uneven after relight. It's a good solid medium with nice earthy, woodsy flavors. I am always amazed at how many different nuances there are with cigars and trying something new is always exciting. This is one cigar I would definitely smoke again.
Jackson in California December 16, 2010
"Not a bad cigar at this price point"
This is not as food as a Tempus or Prensado but not bad for the money. A medium body cigar with some coffee and wood notes. Not a great deal of compexity but a well roundede cigar.
btg in Michigan May 16, 2010
"Send Me A Box"
I've read reviews, and heard the story behind this cigar. I had high hopes, and great expectaions....And i wasn't dissapointed. I'm so glad someone talked the family into realeasing this georgous smoke. Great draw, consistant throughout. The aroma was intoxicating. I'm gonna need a box.
Bryan in Baton Rouge April 24, 2010
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10 Consistency (84) 100
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10 Taste (83) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (87) 100
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