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Alec Bradley MAXX Reviews

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Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"Very good cigar"
Had this cigar last night. Got in a sampler pack and now I want a whole box.
Roger in Texas October 3, 2014
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
Very few cigars dissapoint me...this one did.I bought two...the draw on the first one was terrible even after I speared it a few times.I didn't finish it.The second one I couldn't get an even burn.Think twice before considering this cigar.
Karl G in Mass February 21, 2014
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Maybe my new favorite?"
A smooth, medium to medium full bodied cigar. Very mellow with great flavors and a touch of sweetness. Burn is pretty good, but occasionally it burns slightly uneven. My preferences are medium to full bodied Nicaraguan Maduros, so if you like those, you ll probably enjoy these.
Brian in Kentucky November 11, 2013
Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
"A Great Cigar for the Money"
This was a very good cigar. I love it's flavor. My only complaint is that the burn is sometimes uneven but the best 2 hours spent smoking.
Dom R in Ontario September 11, 2013
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"Bad Draw all the way threw"
Great cigar except the draw was terrible on this one I had. Great taste though
Dan in Califonia May 30, 2013
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"A stand-out!"
I got one of these in a large sample pack. It truly stands out from the rest. Not only did I find the taste exceptionally pleasing, but the aroma drew compliments from many passers-by. If you like darker cigars, you should try this one.
Chad in Virginia May 27, 2013
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Tasty Treat"
Very good cigar. Great taste profile from a full body cigar without any harshness. I usually prefer a medium but I will buy this any time.
Bob in California April 7, 2013
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
one of the best cigars i have ever had, it is a must have to any cigar smoker
wyatt in fargo February 24, 2013
Maxx by Alec Bradley The Culture 5 Pack
"Outstanding Cigar"
What a beautiful cigar very smooth I had one with a glass of red wine which made an outstanding combination. Burns even with a great ash and a nice ring size. Outstanding cigar.
Mikeme209 in Canoga Park, Ca October 15, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"Premium cigar, quality price"
I tried these cigars back in the summer of 2006. I've bought these sticks ever since. Great smooth taste, draw and burn. My favorite of the Maxx series is the "The Freak".
T. BOONE in Ontario, California September 27, 2012
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