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Alec Bradley MAXX Reviews

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Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
"extreamly smooth"
My only vice is good cigars, this one is one of my fav's. Love them. perfect cigar with a cup of coffee in the morning. Nice ring size. Light it, take a few hits, let it burn out and re-light it always tastes great.
steve in Napa, Ca June 19, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"Good name for this line"
I've been smoking this line from Alec Bradley for a while. Well I like them enuff to make sure I have several on hand @ all times, and I have a few in my special occasion 'box'.
Buffalo Spirit in Wisconsin May 2, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
"Very Flavorful"
This was a very good cigar. I love it's large ring gauge and it's flavor. My only complaint is that the burn can sometimes be somewhat uneven but otherwise this is a great buy!
Shane in Minnesota April 23, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Curve
"I now shall serve... THE CURVE !!!"
yeaaa!! another winner by AB MAXX, i enjoyed it a touch more than the freak, and the freak was gooood, again good aroma, taste, burn and draw, and these maxx cigars are very consistant all the way, great construction. this cigar is 94, MAXX IS THE MAXX, .you buy now...ya hear....
russell in brigantine,nj March 15, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Curve
"Great smoke!"
I had one of these cigars for the first time last week, and I'm glad I did. Expect to relax a while since this is a long smoke. It had a very smooth draw and burned evenly. It was milder than I expected but still a nice, rich taste. Paired with a glass of Dewar's 12yr Special Reserve Scotch on the rocks, it was awesome!
JB in South Carolina March 15, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"Not as good as other AB smokes"
I am a big fan of Alec Bradley cigars and like every series that I have had until this one. I know Maxx gets good ratings from other publications, I just didn't enjoy it. I got a 5 pack of these and the first couple unwrapped on me, all of the had an uneven burn. Draw was ok but not good. I would by other ABs before this one.
Barry in Michigan February 7, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
the maxx made me ...FREAK OUT..DA..DA..DA..DA...DA.DA.DA FREAK OUT... hey in the top 2 or 3 in this sampler, need some time for this one ,good slowww burn, great taste and aroma well built cigar,looks good,great draw.I've smoked these before great then and great now, i will buy more in the future...oh...yea
russell in brigantine,nj January 27, 2012
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Great Cigar must try"
I have bought a few 5 packs of these and are going to be a must have in my humidor. Full of flavor, massive smoke, and excellent price. I usually punch these big guys and have an excellent draw
Brian in Mass December 31, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Perfect End Of The Day Smoke"
The noted burn issues are easily fixed by dry boxing the cigars for 2 in days. I used a punch to cut my cigars and my draw is amazing never had a problem The flavor is great all the way down to nub. Great coca and coffee notes. I love it they're always in my humidor and always will be. Pick up a 5 pack before you buy the box
Alex Aguillon in Chicago, IL September 20, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Very smooth, great taste"
I'm new to cigars, but was given one of these and was hooked. Nothing beats a relaxing night on the deck sipping Crown Royal and smoking one of these. Great taste, smells nice and after aging in my humidor for only 1 - 2 weeks develops a very dark, rich looking appearance.
Eric in Wheaton, IL September 12, 2011
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