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Alec Bradley MAXX Reviews

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Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
All aspects were fine. However the burn was a bit uneven and needed several touch-ups to keep it straight. Other than that the SMOKE WAS GREAT.
Pete in NYC September 1, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
"Very good and tasty Cigar"
As a Cigar smoker over 30 years I liked "The Freak" it is well over a medium class cigar, excellent taste and the price is very affordable, I'll keep smoking MAXX
Sarkis in Montreal, Canada May 14, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Amazing...but draw/burn were so-so"
Great cigar. I might have had a tough stick though. My burn was not consistant and I had to relight it a couple times. In fact, 5 or 6 times. To keep it lit I had to really draw it hard (which I hate to do becuase it roasts the tobacco). BUT, overall a fine smoke with fantasic flavor.
Russel in Illinois March 27, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak
"Good smoke"
Good smoke not the greatest but far from bad.
Zach S in So Cal February 7, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture
"one great cigar"
Great cigar..good color...great smell from the foot...good light..good burn...great taste...good smoke...burned for about 70 minutes...decent draw...good price...I want to smoke nothing but Alec Bradley cigars
curtis in fla January 22, 2011
Alec Bradley Maxx Nano
"May I have the envelope, please..."
Winner in The Best Full-Bodied Small Cigar on the Planet Category: MAXX NANO. Complex, bold, balanced taste in a compact format. It don't get no better than this. Just make sure to give these the proper respect that they deserve and age them a couple of months first. And Famous, PLEASE bring back the five packs! A box of 40 is a hefty order, even for a big guy like me.
orsonwelles in Hollywood, CA January 20, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Curve
"Very Good"
The Curve is quickly becoming one of my two favorite cigars. Smokes good, just the right burn time. My everyday cigar!
James Stephens in Jenkins, Ky January 17, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"Fine smoke"
I had smoked a relatively inexpensive cigar - $40 a bundle - from Famous the night before and it was a nice, pleasant smoke. But this Fix was in another class. It was consistent, finely constructed and simply luxurious. I'd had a Cuban Partagas on a cruise a couple of weeks ago and this was the first smoke that didn't pale in comparison.
Jim in Plantation, FL January 13, 2011
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
These babies are fantastic! Big flavor, small price.
Mark Sellers in Poland NY November 11, 2010
Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix
"good smoke from start to finish"
Nice draw. Overall pleasing to me. I was looking for a shorter cigar without loosing flavor and this one hit the spot.
thor in evansville, indiana November 11, 2010
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