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Alec Bradley MAXX The Culture Reviews [view details]

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"one of the best full-flavor cigars ever !!!"
Maxx cigars are one of the best full-flavor cigars ever ... my brother and I tried them last year in buffalo,ny and were favorably surprised with the whole experience ... take a 5-pack to your next party and hand them out to the good folk ... try one with a Saranac IPA too !!!
robert in richmond September 18, 2008
"Give it another try"
I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are for. I bought two of these at my local shop and sat them in the humi for about 4 months. I smoked one last night by a camp fire, and boy, the spices woke me up and the aroma of the smoke was toasty, dark, and abundant! Very powerful but not harsh and no bite. The finish was a bit eh, but 3/4 was good. Both of mine were tunnel free, and put out a nice 1.5 in of ash before it fell off by itself. Don't write this 'gar off...
Five5 in Bloomingdale, IL July 20, 2008
"Spicy, full flavored winner."
Judging from the reviews, there must be some inconsistencies in this cigar but I haven’t found them. I’m on my third box and all have been very good. This cigar is full bodied with cider and cocoa spice. Like the Medalist, the burn can be a bit erratic but not uncontrollable. I like this cigar better than the Medalist for it’s consistency on the finish.
btg in Michigan March 9, 2008
"Dont get Discouraged after the first."
I bought a Box of the Culture pretty cheap on an auction. I was not to fond of the first one I had the day they arrived. I let them age for about a month in a good humi. and i'm glad I gave them another shot, the second was amazing. I usually smoke a Partagas Black or an A Fuente I would say this is pretty comparable however it is not as hard hitting as the Partagas Blk.
Jeff in FL January 31, 2008
I'm pretty sure this is the WORST Cigar I've Ever had! I'm no beginner and I love full flavored cigars, but this just tasted horrible. You want full flavor go for the RP The Edge Corojo, the RP Rosado or the Alec Bradley Medalist and stay the hell away from this thing!!!
Crispy in NY, NY October 26, 2007
"Couldn't give these away"
Gary Aptaker of CA nailed this cigar to a tee. Just a bad all-around smoke. I wonder how many he gave away? My friends weren't interested.
Kevin Helrich in New York August 21, 2007
"I'll be giving these away"
Bad burn, funky taste, tough draw...not one of my favorites. But the free lighter works great! G.-California
Gary Aptaker in CA August 17, 2007
This cigar looks like a cigar should, thick,heavy,gourgous wrapper. The prelight aroma was really good with a slight white pepper taste. The cigar burns well with flavors of spice,earth,nuts,slight coffee.You'll need a good 1.5 hours for this one.Could easily be in my top 3, and with the unbelievable deal from Famous, you can't go wrong.
FRANK in LANCASTER, OHIO August 4, 2007
"These would be a bargain at twice the price."
I would put these up against ANY cigar at as much as twice the going price. They are robust, yet smooth, and burn very slowly, with a perfect ash.
John Isoldi in NY August 2, 2007
"Teriffic Cigar"
Bought a box of these for my brother. He liked them so much he immediated ordered more for himself.
Paul in Seattle July 9, 2007
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