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"I now shall serve... THE CURVE !!!"
yeaaa!! another winner by AB MAXX, i enjoyed it a touch more than the freak, and the freak was gooood, again good aroma, taste, burn and draw, and these maxx cigars are very consistant all the way, great construction. this cigar is 94, MAXX IS THE MAXX, .you buy now...ya hear....
russell in brigantine,nj March 15, 2012
"Great smoke!"
I had one of these cigars for the first time last week, and I'm glad I did. Expect to relax a while since this is a long smoke. It had a very smooth draw and burned evenly. It was milder than I expected but still a nice, rich taste. Paired with a glass of Dewar's 12yr Special Reserve Scotch on the rocks, it was awesome!
JB in South Carolina March 15, 2012
"Very Good"
The Curve is quickly becoming one of my two favorite cigars. Smokes good, just the right burn time. My everyday cigar!
James Stephens in Jenkins, Ky January 17, 2011
"Good, but too strong"
I decided it would be a good idea to have this stogie after a steak dinner because of the strength and size of it. I did just that and this thing still knocked me on my ass! This cigar was twice as strong as the partagas black label i smoked last week... but overall this cigar had a great draw, even burn, and the taste was spicy and chocolatey....very good and if it wasnt so strong i would definetly buy this again.
Steve in Michigan September 2, 2008
"Love these gars!!"
Really enjoyed the Freak and am looking forward to trying the Curve as soon as I get them.
Paul Duquette in Avon, IN January 31, 2008
"Not quite up to par"
Big, beefy cigar. Had a good light, but very inconsistent burn. Sat it down for a while to cool off, but still burned inconsistent. Was in humidifier with others for 3 weeks at 70% but did not fair well. Had a decent mild taste to it, not too spicy.
Brian in San Antonio, TX December 31, 2007
"I find these to be great cigars"
I'm surprized by the negative reviews. I've gone through several boxes of these with very few draw or burn issues. Every cigar has a dud once in a while but these are overwhelming good. Enjoy them when you have lot's of time as they take a while to smoke.
Jim in Texas November 25, 2007
"Great taste, a real winner!"
One of best smokes I have had. Not a full maduro,but a wonderful rich choclately taste. If you like a Maduro, this is real close. Spicy at the beginning,rich and creamy in the middle, and a great finish. I recommend this highly. Not for a beginner.
Randy Ritter in CA September 4, 2007
Love a large, strong cigar....but this isn't even an "Edge"...I found my box, a load of big dog rockets. I buy from Famous, and this was a first..a poor cigar.
Bill in Texas August 16, 2007
"Maxx this is not!!"
These are Okay Cigars. They do not live up to the hype and are not worth spending big money on. At $2.00 a stick you're not paying too much. Over that expect to be disappointed. Hard Draw, Bitter finish, hope you have a cigar poker.
Waconda in San Diego July 12, 2007
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