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Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix Reviews [view details]

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These babies are fantastic! Big flavor, small price.
Mark Sellers in Poland NY November 11, 2010
"good smoke from start to finish"
Nice draw. Overall pleasing to me. I was looking for a shorter cigar without loosing flavor and this one hit the spot.
thor in evansville, indiana November 11, 2010
These,like most Alec Bradleys are excellent and never dissapoint, even outside where global warming fails to work in the UK.
ROY.R in UK October 23, 2010
"Very Nice"
Just had one during my lunch hour. Actually, a long, slow burn, very even all the way. Too much of a cigar for a lunch hour, lasted longer. Very nice taste, good construction and great burn. Definitely plan to buy more.
Carmine Fortunato in Phhiladelphia, PA October 22, 2010
"Nice Cigar"
What a great cigar this one is, I am very impressed with all of the flavors you can taste when smoking this stick, it draws well, smokes well, and taste very nice. It seems like I can taste the sweet chocolate taste in this cigar and I am not one of those kind of smokers that has the palate to name off the different flavors that are in a cigar. This one seems a little obvious even for me. They did a great job of mixing the tobaccos to make this cigar. Definitely worth buying again.
Ron 1369 in Northern Michigan December 24, 2009
"Great Cigar!"
I was very impressed with The Fix. This cigar had solid construction, but good draw. The wrapper was oily with a great dark, almost marbled color. Flavor was medium to full, but not at all overwhelming to a somewhat novice smoker like me. This was due not to lack of flavor/strength, but to its rich, earthy-sweet flavor. One flaw in mine was a prominent vein that messed up the burn after about half-way through.
GP in September 28, 2009
"I was delightfully surprised!!"
I ordered a five pack of (The Fix) with my normal order from Famous and was DECKED by the absolute fantastic flavor,long burn.aprox.1.5 hours,draw, and of course..the most important with me..CONSISTANCY. If you dont try this cigar, you are missing a great value and a great taste all the way til your fingers burn!!
Jack in Woodridge, Illinois May 2, 2009
"Awesome! Cigar!!"
This is truly an awesome cigar. I keep them in stock in both of my Humidors..
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma March 27, 2009
Simcha in Israel September 20, 2008
I see a lot of negative comments about construction, but the one I smoked had a great draw, perfect, slow burn, and very nice flavors. I would buy a box based on my experience. I have another one in my humidor; we'll see if that one smokes as good as the first. I'm a newbie, but I was not overwhelmed at all, but it's still a full strength cigar.
Steven in Hot 'lanta July 26, 2008
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