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Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix Reviews [view details]

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"spicy with pockets of earth, miserable burn."
great smoke love them, losts of irregular burn though.
Jim in CO June 28, 2008
"Nice flavor, MISERABLE construction"
This beautiful cigar lit up nicely and proceeded to canoe down one side for an inch and a half. The filler was just folded into a U shape which drew all the air and heat down through the folded slot.
Overworked in Southern California June 12, 2008
The draw was good, and the first half of the cigar was a good smoke, then the wrapper split. After that it just got nasty. I took it apart and found three stems that were 1/8 inch thick. Also, as I suspected, the 58 ring gauge was achieved by padding the long filler with clippings, so essentially, this was a "mixed filler" cigar. This cigar is way overpriced and overhyped.
Wayne in SC May 26, 2008
"Scrumptious Firecracker"
This cigar is mouth watering upon first sight. Its huge ring gauge offers ample oomph. It delivers an intense amount of Flavoral smoke throughout, including a Leather core with notes of almonds and dark, nasty Dirt. It Burns Firecracker Hot, like a Roman Candle and it runs a bit in the beginning however the middle portion of this smoke is downright scrumptious and bold spicey. a Firecracker Cigar.
thebaby981 in LSU country April 18, 2008
"Smooth and effortless draw with a unique flavor."
I do not possess the palate of some individuals that can describe a cigar as nutty, creamy, etc... but what I can tell you is this cigar is amazing. Smooth and effortless draw with a unique flavor. I have tried the MAXX Freak, but it contained some dead spots and I recieved a migrane as I attempted to fill my mouth with smoke. If you haven't had the pleasure of smoking one of these beauties, but enjoy a full flavored yet mild smoke The Fix is the cigar for you! Enjoy!
Frank in Charleston, SC January 3, 2008
"I will order more"
I've ordered these a few times,and have yet to be disappointed.I think it is more of a medium bodied smoke,but as for the flavor of the cigar...well, that's why I reorder them.I'm not good at descriptions,but the taste is great,and have never had a burn or draw problem with these.
Ray in Arizona November 11, 2007
"A work in progress"
I agree with the other reviews, this cigar is pretty decent. I did enjoy the full body flavor, but I thought the draw was alittle difficult. You really have to open this cigar up, by cutting the cap off, then you can really enjoy the taste. Please rotate the cigar often because it burns unevenly. Once you get past that it really is a good tasting cigar. A work in progess.
Vincent Hubbard in IL August 29, 2007
"Not to suprised"
I found this to be a decent tasting cigar, not perfect for beginners like myself but had a fuller taste that I have been looking for. Draw was tight at first, this could have just how I had cut the cap, after a bit the cap opened right up and the draw was better but not perfect. The burn was uneven the whole time, from lighting to finishing, First the wrapper burned too fast, then the filler. This could have also been from the cigar being too moist and the wrapper being oily, When the wrapper was burning right it was burning at different rates, I needed to continuously rotate the cigar. Even though this was some work, the taste was amazing. Im not sure how to describe it, but it made me think of coffee. This is one beefy cigar even though it is a wide cigar it feels just right, and a great length, I'm gonna pick another one up tomorrow . Over all this is a decent cigar for the money, all of the burn and draw issues mentioned by others here are true, but if you can get over them this will be a cigar you will enjoy.
Mike D in PA August 17, 2007
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