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Alec Bradley MAXX The Freak Reviews [view details]

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"Only one in four drew and burned satisfactorily."
Only one in four drew consistently well. Burn was very inconsistent.
Ron in St. Louis, MO April 30, 2008
"Just a couple of puffs, so far, the 61/2 x 54 (?)"
But I agree with the others. THIS is one nice taste. Strong, but not harsh. Tasty but not biting.
The Duke of URL in San Francisco March 26, 2008
These cigars are great. Great draw & taste. Give yourself a good hour to enjoy these. They are large and in charge. The FREAK describes these: big and bold.
B Barre in Northern California January 15, 2008
"Get your Freak on!"
After a long day and night on the job, my crew and I will stand around and debrief our last OP, and usually spark up a cigar (A Victory Dance, as we call them) to celebrate another job well done. We have smoked Cohibas, Rocky Patel’s line, Drew Estates, CAO’s to name just a few and have loved them all, but when the first box of Alec Bradley’s Maxx The Freak arrived, we knew things would never be the same. It was a smooth, creamy smoke that had just the right amount of flavor, and aroma. Great construction and burned even with about an inch and a half of ash on average. If you enjoy a truly superior cigar then all I can say is “Get your FREAK on!”
Lieutenant in Texas Hill Country December 19, 2007
"Don't waste your money"
Most likely the worst tasting cigar I've ever smoked. After giving it a chance I put it out after 10 minutes. I do not recommend.
Steve in Dallas TX December 6, 2007
"Worth every pennie and much more"
I can't believe the negative comments I have read about this smoke. The construction is solid, the burn is even, the ash is firm and crowned fiery red. The bold flavor with hints of coffee and wood is smooth, yet robust. This cigar is in my top five all-time favorites.
Darren Smith in IN September 2, 2007
"Still looking for my socks after this 9 out of 10"
I love this cigar, my favorite size and strength. Good draw despite some worm holes that caused the burn to run a little. This is definately a cigar that needs a full hour to smoke and can take a strong glass of burbon or scotch to accompany it. I want another box now!
JH in San Diego March 7, 2007
A truly exceptional smoke. I'm already back for another box. Very well constructed, great taste as well.
Roger Dixon in Crystalaire, CA February 28, 2007
"Even burn, smooth easy draw, great taste and aroma"
Quality of construction, lights and burns easily, great aroma and taste throughout. I was very surprised and happy. A real value
Pete in Oklahoma City January 26, 2007
I've worked for the Federal Government for over 20 years, and for the most part it's been to say the least exciting. Now that I'm reaching retirement time it's become somewhat boring. I ordered a box of the "Freaks" simply because I prefer a bolder type of smoke. Gentlemen, when you light this puppy up you better "reach back and grab your panty hose" Life will become exiting on your first puff. I tell you what, if it's pure smoking pleasure from a bold cigar you are looking for, this is it. I start my morning off at 0300 and leave for work at 0400 each morning. I fired up my first MAXX the other morning to drive to work and by the time I was 10 miles down the road I was ready for anything the world could throw at me. After a 10 hour day I returned home and the first thing I reached for was another MAXX. This time I fired the stogie up with a Kettle One on the rocks and double olive. Now I know what it feels like dying and almost going to heaven. Thank you Arthur for making this product available.
GED in Hickory, Md January 5, 2007
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10 Burn (81) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (85) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (93) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (87) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
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