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Alec Bradley Overture Reviews

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Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"Underrated, reminicent of cuban origin"
My first impression, was of a cigar a Cuban friend treated me to,back when.This cigar was treated with respect and humidified at 70%,and burned well to extinction.I would recommend I would recommend this cigar as an addition to any humidor.
Big Munny Gunny in austin texas January 27, 2015
Alec Bradley Overture Corona Gorda
"Tight draw without much flavor!!"
Started fine, but after 10 mins was impossible to draw smoke..stick to the rosbusto its a different world!
VInce November 5, 2014
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"Not Worth The Time"
Nice, not full strength, it was a very mild cigar. If you like full strength cigars there are other great options out there.
Douglas in New Zealand November 3, 2014
Alec Bradley Overture Corona Gorda
"Horrible Smoking"
I purchased a box looking for a smaller diameter daily smoke. Out of the first five cigars four have canoed, gone out, bad draw or ALL the above. Never again!
Ed in Texas October 10, 2014
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"Cigar was keep going off"
I purchase this box of cigar by reading the reviews. I have smoked few of the cigars from the box I purchased and every time when the cigar was half way I have to keep burning it up.I got tired of lighting up. It was up to par as it is advertised, kind of disappointed, since I have smoke Alec Bradley cigars before.
Terry Siddiqui in Miami Lakes February 25, 2014
Alec Bradley Overture Sixty
"AB Overture Sixty......WOW!!"
The AB Overture Sixty surprised the hell out of me. Wasen t expecting much as I got it in a sample pack but just ordered 2 boxes more for my humi. The wrapper was flawless. Nice tan color and construction. The draw was as good as any I ve ever had. The burn was perfect. But the taste.....the tase was wonderful. Granted I let this sit in my humi for a month or so and I m not sure what effect that had of the taste but it was wonderful. Full flavored but not in a Partagas Black Label kind of way, if you know what I mean. Nothing against the Black Label. Fantastic cigar but a serious smoke for someone not used to full flavored maduros. Lots of toasty and creamy flavors in the Overture that kept my palate busy with joy. I savored every draw of this cigar. Worth more $$ than it sells for. I highly encourage a try of this cigar.
Hank in rhode island February 2, 2014
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"Good Price"
With the 2nd box half price deal this is very well worth it. They don t have a lot of taste such as the Prensado, but they are a good everyday cigar.They burn well, the draw is good on 90% and they are consistent. Can t ask for much more at the price.
Total Sound Productions December 19, 2013
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto 5 Pack
"Poor construction and worst Draw ever"
Absolute poor experience with both cigars I purchased. Poor Draw, burn shut down over and over. Maybe I got a couple of bads ones ????
Dan in Lawton, Mi November 11, 2013
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"As you would expect from Alec Bradley"
Very enjoyable!
James in Texas October 26, 2013
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"Delicious if treated right"
Very sweet creamy finish. This cigar will not burn correctly unlesss dry boxed for at least 24 hrs. If smoked around 65% rh, it will burn very well. Let this one age a couple weeks and a lot of the problems others have had with the burn and draw will go away. Great cigar worth aging, but performs horribly if you smoke it right away. Definitly recommend.
Roger S. in Lapeer michigan October 11, 2013
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