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Alec Bradley Overture Reviews

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Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"A mst Try"
Well made,and tastes even better.A nice blend of nuts and creamy chocolate.Perfect burn and draw.Bought a five pack and looking forward to smoking the rest.A very pleasurable 40 minute smoke.
Rob in Illinois December 17, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"A Must Try"
Got a five pack yesterday in the mail and tried one today.First hing I noticed was how well it was made.It lit fairly easily and tasted even better,the first half had a nut flavor that turn into a creamy buttery chocolate taste.Burned perfectly with the ash running almost half way through the cigar.It was a very pleasurable 40 minute smoke.I can't wait to try the others. the others
Rob in Illinois December 17, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto 5 Pack
"how do i smoke these"
wish I knew how to get these things to burn right. I have tried all I know but each one burns so erratically that it is too much a chore to continue the stick. I in the past really enjoyed th ab cigars but have lost the appreciation now.
david in arizona December 14, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Toro
"Not the best"
I will say if it were as good as it looked then it would have been the best cigar ever made had very good draw but had to relight twice and on the third time out not even half way though that was it for me. Just not the right cigar for me maybe you.
Jordan1443 in SC October 25, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"I finally found it"
Over the last year I have been sampling several cigars for my everyday go to smoke and this is it. Burn, taste and draw was great. I may not be as an exoerienced smoker as most but I know what i like and this will fill my humidor as my go to cigar. The quality and taste way out preform more expensive cigars. I still have a collection of cheaper cigars for smoking during lawn work and other everyday task but this is the one I will finish the day with. For a house blend this one is probably the best I have had and the price won't break my bank.
John in Carroll Ia October 15, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Churchill
"Great If You Want A Longer Smoke"
I love the Overture Robustos but if you have a little more smoking time these are a great smoke. All the flavours of the Robusto but more smoking time. Perfect
Andy in Australia September 24, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
"My New Everyday Smoke"
These are my new daily smoke. Good burn and great draw with chocolate and cinnamon on the palate. Great Value
Andrew S in Australia September 24, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Robusto
This stck was difficult to smoke. Burned uneven, draw very difficult, needed constant touch-up. Will try another one in a month of resting in the humidor
Pete in NYC September 13, 2011
Alec Bradley Overture Corona Gorda 5 Pack
The Alec Bradley Overture Corona Gorda, is a well made, nut brown colored cigar with some vains. This corona has a firm draw, and is medium in body. The ash burns somewhat loose, and slightly jagged. Aromas of oak , nuts, and earth, reside in the nose throughout the burn. Smooth notes of creamed coffee, and spice, with a touch of vanilla, were present on the pallet throughout the burn. The approximate burn time for the Overture Corona, is 70 minutes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 8 Note-- This corona should age well in the humidor. Opinion-- You should test drive this great cigar yourself !!
Alec Bradley Overture Churchill
"A Definite Maybe"
I tried this cigar as part of a sampler. Upon lighting, I was pleased with the initial draw, flavor, and burn of this cigar. As the cigar continued, it remained very consistent until the final third. This, to me, is the big test of all cigars. Too many cigar lose me in the final act. This cigar seemed to change completely. What I had enjoyed during the 1st two thirds totally went away in the final third and I put it out a little early. This is why I gave poor marks for taste and consistency. I'm tempted to try another one and let it age a little while... but if a second try turns out like the first... I'd pass on the Overture in the future.
Mike in Indianapolis April 29, 2011
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