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Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Worthy of Top Rating"
This cigar was excellent. Most impressed with its consistency; close to the end, it maintained its flavour and did not grow bitter. Ash held up nicely. Found it strong and spicy, in a pleasant way, like jalapeno peppers on nachos, not like crazy-suicide-wings-with-a-waiver that make you sweat. Paired well with bourbon. Normally don't smoke cigars all the way to the end but couldn't put this one down. Would recommend taking time to pre-cook and light this bad boy. As other reviews have noted, the gorgeous wrapper has a tendency to burn a little unevenly. But this is, quite frankly, a small thing and not to be taken too seriously if your criteria is taste first and not the aesthetics of even-wrapper-burn.
Wes in Whitby, Ontario July 7, 2012
"Smooth, with just a touch of pepper"
I have only had the first of a 5 pack, but have only experienced the positive attributes. Great flavor, smooth and rich, easy draw (once or twice, too easy). had to touch up twice, but that only took about 10 seconds each time, including striking the match.
Joshua in Minnesota July 7, 2012
I was very excited about trying the Prensado but became quite disappointed through the entire burn. It had an impossible draw to begin with, as though obstructed, that only gave way in the final third. I touched it up often and the burn was consistently uneven. The wrapper began to unwrapand I had to hold it together during most of the smoke untill it just wouldn't smoke anymore. I really wanted this to be a different experience because it sure tasted good!
Michael M. in Montgomery, AL July 3, 2012
"A Sample of Disappointment"
Having gone into Alec Bradley's rank and file of fans I can honestly say that this review is not only of a surprising nature but of a painful one as well. I started out with AB's Tempus which I number among my favorites, but the Prensado is certainly no Tempus and most assuredly not one of my favorites. There must be something in this `new` boxpress process which not only creates an extraordinarily densely packed cigar but also one that has a tendency to canoe or burn any way but evenly (as though the outer wrapper doesn't stay in contact with inner tobacco). So as another reviewer mentioned this was a frustrating smoke and certainly not something you'd have imagined among a premium brand.
MrX in Michigan June 27, 2012
"A very strong cigar"
Dont smoke these unless you're a fan of very strong sticks. I happen to enjoy a cigar that is full bodied. Great smoke!
Rod in Pa April 17, 2012
"Don't smoke these if you are a wuss"
I suggest keeping these at about a relative humidity of around 64-66, or let one dry a half day before smoking, especially if you're a wuss-draw type.
Brad in Mid America October 10, 2011
"Tight draw, good flavor, frustrating smoke"
The pre-light draw and initial puffs were good with nice flavor and aroma. After only afew minutes the tightness made it unsmokable, despite several attempts to re-light or resolve. Most frustrating effort experienced with any cigar, let alone a 'premium'.
Dean in Grand Rapids, MI August 12, 2011
"ALec Bradley are great!"
These AB's are excellent smokes, full body. Put away your Fuentes, La Gloria's, Nubs, Rocky Patel's, CAO's, etc. This line of smokes are great. The Tempus is the best, trust me!
Mark Chance in December 30, 2010
The Presnado is one of the best cigars you'll ever buy. If you like the Padilla Miami, this is very similar to that. It's also a very strong, very fragrant smoke. The aromas that come off of this cigar are incredible. I have a wild suspicion that this cigar is made at the Raices Cubanas (Cuban Roots in English) factory in Honduras and would like to go so far as to postulate that it's got some of the same leaf that goes into the Padilla Miami. I'm not really sure who is behind the Raices Cubanas factory, but if the Prensado, Tempus, Illusione, Padilla 1932 and Miami all come out of there, there has got to be something incredible going on. Consider it to be the skunk-works of the cigar industry. Needless to say, everything about these cigars is excellent. Your money will be well spent.
striker23 in Charleston, SC July 24, 2010
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10 Consistency (81) 100
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10 Construction (86) 100
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