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Alec Bradley Prensado Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Top 10 Vitola"
My full flavored palate craves the complexity of Alec Bradley s Presado box pressed robusto. Featuring a skillful blending of powerful Honduran %26 Nicaraguan ligeros, capped off with the darkest corojo leaf imaginable. Real burn %26 draw issues throughout the entire AB line seem to be abating, otherwise believe the hype %26 like me, wonder about the negative reviews. Grab a few on sale %26 see if you don t agree that this probably represents full bodied corojos as well as any cigar in recent memory. 95/100
CigarSyd in Sidney August 31, 2014
I tried one of these today and I must say that I was disappointed. The flavor was a one dimensional wood flavor that left a lot to be desired. The burn was consistently uneven, had to be touched up several times, and went out multiple times after a minute or two of sitting. The wrapper began cracking about halfway through and tried to unravel. The couple of positives I did find were an easy draw and a solid amount of smoke. Short story, I won't bother with this again.
James in Texas January 7, 2014
"Good with Port"
After three months in the humidor, this showed strong nicotine, and medium to full flavors of mostly strong cedar initially and then coffee. Burnt unevenly, and it went off when left unattended. Went quite nicely with a vintage port.
Stefan in San Francisco September 29, 2013
Considering what others, including Cigar Aficionado, have rated this cigar, I must say I am thoroughly disappointed! It burned unevenly, drew hard and had a faint odor of tuna fish...yes, tuna fish! I had to relight this thing after neglecting it for less than a minute! For almost $10.00 a stick, I feel ripped off to say the least! There are simply too many other options out there at this price point (and cheaper) that are leagues better! Sorry AB, it ain't worth it!
Jim in NYC July 14, 2013
"Smooth Cigar"
Hints of coffee and spice with creamy thick smoke. The cigar is listed as full but I thought it was more of a medium cigar. Taste was good with easy draw but uneven burn for the whole smoke. Worth a purchase and try.
Anthony in California June 7, 2013
"Love at first puff!"
I am amazed that some customers dislike this cigar. Full of wonderful flavors from the first to last! Has become my favorite cigar Lookin' forward to cruise in September to show these off in the cigar lounge.
3fusiondawg in Suwanee GA June 2, 2013
"what the..."
This is inferior tobacco infused with flavors of coffee and whatever else was laying around. I've given these cigars time in the humidor and they still reek. Smoking them makes me almost vomit. All these Johnny come lately cigar commpanys like this one are a joke. You're fooling the young and new smokers but not us old guys. Want a real cigar? get a Camacho,AF,Ashton,Punch, Motnty,H.Upman.
Jack in Texas May 31, 2013
"No thanks."
This is the most over hyped cigar on the market. I guess AB's marketing is being paid well. Been smoking cigars for many a year and this is a cigar I will not purchase again nor any more of the AB line from the experience from these sticks. Smells like balsa wood and burnt coffee. Pure nastiness. These cigars must have been rolled from General Cigar reject rollers. I'll stick with a real cigar and keep enjoying Hoyas and Punch. No thanks.
Old timer in Palm Springs May 16, 2013
I'm reading more reviews about this cigar that talk about a difficult draw. Then there are some who just love this cigar. I have come to the conclusion that this stogie just needs several months in your humidor. The aging will relax the draw and the wonderful tobacco this cigar is made of will continue to mellow, producing an outstanding cigar.
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013
"Worthy of Top Rating"
This cigar was excellent. Most impressed with its consistency; close to the end, it maintained its flavour and did not grow bitter. Ash held up nicely. Found it strong and spicy, in a pleasant way, like jalapeno peppers on nachos, not like crazy-suicide-wings-with-a-waiver that make you sweat. Paired well with bourbon. Normally don't smoke cigars all the way to the end but couldn't put this one down. Would recommend taking time to pre-cook and light this bad boy. As other reviews have noted, the gorgeous wrapper has a tendency to burn a little unevenly. But this is, quite frankly, a small thing and not to be taken too seriously if your criteria is taste first and not the aesthetics of even-wrapper-burn.
Wes in Whitby, Ontario July 7, 2012
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10 Burn (75) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (81) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (79) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (93) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (89) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

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