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Alec Bradley Sun Grown Reviews

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Alec Bradley Sun Grown Robusto
"Very nice"
These are really nice - great draw and bold complex flavors. Definitely better than the Sun Grown Patels in the Sonny Red Wise buy, as stated in the other review.
Stephen in DC November 17, 2010
Alec Bradley Sungrown Churchill
"Not Bad"
Picked up a sampler of these on the Monster. The flavor profile reminds me of the Rocky Patel Sun Grown, one of my favs, but a bit milder. The ABSG is a sharp-looking smoke with decent construction and draw. The burn was uneven and wanted to canoe, but I usually have burn problems with most AB cigars. Worth a try if you can pick them up in a deal
David in Central NC November 3, 2010
Alec Bradley Sun Grown Toro
"Top Notch Smoke"
Picked up a 5-pack on the Monster sometime back. I just smoked the last one and it was great. This is a good-looking cigar with top-notch construction to boot, so it smokes as good as it looks. Each draw delivers plenty of rich, flavorful, full- bodied smoke that coats the palate and really satisfies, with just enough bite to keep things instersting. Alec Bradley Cigars always catch my eye, and this one is worth my attention. Give it a shot; you'll find it's worth your attention too!
David in Central NC October 13, 2010
Alec Bradley Sungrown Churchill
"alex does it again, delicious, wonderfull"
I ordered the sungrown sampler after drouling over its discription in my catalog, and it did not disappoint. Just looking at it , you can tell your in for a wonderfull ride. Just finisched the churchhill size yesterday, wow! A 90 plus rated experiance, with hard to define flavours moving through mocca, spice, deep rich wood , and supple undertones. The wrapper is a masterpeice! Try it, you'll love it if your a Bradley fan, Ross.
ross in delton,mich. September 8, 2010
Alec Bradley Sun Grown Robusto
I'm not sure why there are no reviews of this here yet as this is an outstanding cigar. I think it's better than the Rocky sun grown for sure, and that's a great cigar, too. This might be the first cigar I ever buy an entire box of...
Tom in Santa Barbara August 19, 2010
Alec Bradley Sun Grown Toro
I picked up these in a Alec Brandley Sungrown sampler on FS's Cigar Monster. I wish I had picked up 4 or 5 samplers at that price. These are full bodied and very tasty. Not that this "really" matters, but the band(s) are the coolest I've ever seen. Plus the bands are thick and rigid and have a little tab on them. Removal of the bands is a snap! Comes in handy when you smoke them all the way down to the nub! Excellent cigar. I'll be getting more!
David in Fort Lauderdale February 22, 2010
Alec Bradley Sun Grown Toro
"Another winner from AB"
What a phenominal cigar! I really enjoy most of Alec Bradley's cigars, and this one was no exception. I recieved a 5 pack of these in the mail yesterday and just enjoyed my first one tonight. It produces tons of smoke with an easy draw, filled with flavor, and just full-bodied enough to supply a nice kick. Overall and excellent cigar, worth twice the price they are selling for.
Alien in Ft Polk, LA January 28, 2010
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