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Alec Bradley Sungrown Churchill Reviews [view details]

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I these as part of a freebie with an order. Without some time to rest in the humidor, they were a bit peppery for my taste, but after about a month, the flavors mellowed and this turned out to be a very tasty cigar. Very attractive, enjoyable smoke with good draw and construction, and excellent flavor.
Mike J in Pittsburgh July 12, 2012
"Not Bad"
Picked up a sampler of these on the Monster. The flavor profile reminds me of the Rocky Patel Sun Grown, one of my favs, but a bit milder. The ABSG is a sharp-looking smoke with decent construction and draw. The burn was uneven and wanted to canoe, but I usually have burn problems with most AB cigars. Worth a try if you can pick them up in a deal
David in Central NC November 3, 2010
"alex does it again, delicious, wonderfull"
I ordered the sungrown sampler after drouling over its discription in my catalog, and it did not disappoint. Just looking at it , you can tell your in for a wonderfull ride. Just finisched the churchhill size yesterday, wow! A 90 plus rated experiance, with hard to define flavours moving through mocca, spice, deep rich wood , and supple undertones. The wrapper is a masterpeice! Try it, you'll love it if your a Bradley fan, Ross.
ross in delton,mich. September 8, 2010
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