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Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Novo Reviews [view details]

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"Rest in humidor made all the difference"
The first one that I smoked wasn't all that great, just a average tasting cigar. But, the second one was after a month in the humidor and it was very good. The flavor was excellent. The burn was a little inconsistent though. Overall, a very good smoke.
Cal Cameron in Kentucky May 21, 2013
"Not Impressed"
I am not impressed with this cigar. It actually is a let down being an Alec Bradley. Nice looking cigar but no flavor and a bad burn also. It's a let down. The price needs to be dropped way down on this.This is not a premium smoke. Great look but no taste.
Mike in Atlanta March 15, 2013
Bought a 5 pack to try these out as I am a big fan of Alec Bradley, Overture, Maxx, and Family Blend. These cigars are very attractive to look at but after about the sixth relight and horrible draw the appeal of the pretty looks and wonderful Honduran smoke wears thin. I thought it might just be a bad one but I have smoked 3 now and yet to finish one. So I think I will take a pass on these next time and stick to Alec's other brands
Mark S in TX January 15, 2012
"Not bad after a rest in the humidor"
First one I had did not impress at all. After some time in the humi, I decided to try the second one. Not bad, but not great. Both had some burn problems. Draw was okay on the second one. Flavor was decent, but with a bit of bitterness. It was a decent smoke, worth finishing, but probably not worth having again.
Jackson in California January 23, 2011
"Deliciously complex...especially when well rested."
These have become one of my top 5 within the last year... I have not experienced the burn problems to the extent that some of these reviews have stated- occasionally it has had to be corrected, but for the most part it's been pretty decent. The draw is above average. The flavor?!! I have had them after resting for a couple months, and found them to be quite good. After 6 mos. I would say they're quite amazing! Wonderful notes of dark chocolate and espresso, while still a bit earthy. The creamy smoke has just the perfect amount of balance between the earthiness and the hint of sweetness on the finish. All in all a GREAT smoke to let sit in the humi for a while. Age really tends to bring out the distinctive flavors while also mellowing out any of the "acrid" or "acidic" flavors. I must try, but for the BEST experience at least 6 mos. in the humi.
Brian in IL October 13, 2010
"nice burning tasty cigar"
I bought a couple to try and have bought more at my favorite cigar spot. This is a great cigar for when you don't have a hour or more to spend. A good tasting cigar that last about 45 minutes. This one is bordering strong but still in the medium class. One of my buds thinks it is a bit bitter but I'm not sure he stored it correctly. I think they are consistent with the other AB's I've smoked
Dustin B in NJ July 4, 2010
"Over hyped"
Bought a 5 pack on auction after reading severasl glowing reviews. Let them all rest in the humi for at least a month before trying one. After smoking 3 (my minimum for giving a review) I can say these are over hyped sticks. Its a great looking cigar with attractive double bands, but that's where the good stuff ends. I don't recall a so-called premium stick that had such a lousy burn/draw. Every one tunneled so badly I had to recut the cigar and start over. Plus the bitter, acrid taste you get when that happens was just awful. Any decent flavor I got was just so-so, nothing impressive at all. I'll si on the last two sticks and see if 6 or 12vmonths does anything to improve them, but I'm not having high hopes.
John J in Canal Fulton, OH May 30, 2010
The Alec Bradley Tempest, whatever size is a delight. Charcoal, leather, sweet spices and a hint of nuttiness that really goes well together. Try a 5 pk., you'll be back for more.
K. VITO B. in San Francisco, Ca. April 29, 2010
"Consistently excellent!"
My local tobacconist recommended I try these a few weeks back and I can't stop smoking them! They aren't cheap, but for the money they are without a doubt the best cigar and cigar value I've smoked, and the past 15 years. The Tempus Terra Novas are excellent from start to finish, all the way down to the nub, and I can't say that about many of the cigars I've smoked. I give them my highest recommendation. The five packs are a deal at just over $4 a piece plus shipping.
Kirch in St. Louis August 1, 2009
"Consistently very good"
Decided life was too short to continue experimenting with bad cigars and threw a few extra bucks at these. Smoked five of the Tempus Terra Nova's thus far and each was just plain good. Consistent, smooth, medium or better bodied. If I had to come up with any sort of criticism it's that they tend to burn just a little uneven at times, requiring a little extra fire from the lighter. Very happy with these. They'll be one of my regulars from now on.
Kirch in St. Louis, Missouri July 9, 2009
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