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"Holds4 but the ash of 2"
As I said holds 4 cigars but the ash of 2 other than that picture is spot on 6/6 squared stamps polished under side is plain metal looking and at the corners underneath is 4 1/8" felt pads so not to scratch your table . Good for two people smoking not four 4 would rate the price as 9 dollars but no more than 10 . Happy smoking
Ken in Tucson az. August 2, 2013
"Hollowed out, lightweight, and poor design"
The fact that this is a stamped metal ashtray doesn't bother me as much as the design of it. When I set my stogie down on it, the end of the cigar, is butted up against the side of the ashtray, apparently hindering free airflow around the cigar. This led, for me, to some serious uneven burn issues. I was not that impressed.
Don in TX October 21, 2011
"Nice Price - But Not Enough INFO"
I purchased one of these with my last box of cigars...I was surprised at how light weight the ash tray is as its stamped out and hollow on the underneath side. I decided to keep it anyway.
Mike in Kansas City May 24, 2010
"Nice looks Great...! wish i could hold it -first"
looks nice... is it hollow? metal stamped..? from one piece of metal? If any one can tell me before i get one -Thank you. I'm working on one like it. brushed Stainless steel One piece of metal - 3 Run die.. Cool
alex in MN May 21, 2010