Alloy Metal Large Ashtray

Holds 4 Cigars

$14.99Retail Price: $ 25.00
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Holds 4 Cigars
Every cigar smoker needs a good cigar ashtray and this affordable, alloy metal ashtray is just what the doctor ordered. It's got good looks, functionality, cleans easily, and holds up to four full-size cigars. Ideal for either home or the office.
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 1-1/2
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"Holds4 but the ash of 2 "
As I said holds 4 cigars but the ash of 2 other than that picture is spot on 6/6... more
Ken in Tucson az.
"Hollowed out, lightweight, and poor design "
The fact that this is a stamped metal ashtray doesn't bother me as much as the d... more
Don in TX
"Nice Price - But Not Enough INFO "
I purchased one of these with my last box of cigars...I was surprised at how lig... more
Mike in Kansas City
"Nice looks Great...! wish i could hold it -first "
looks nice... is it hollow? metal stamped..? from one piece of metal?If any on... more
alex in MN
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