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Altadis Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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Montecristo Connoisseur Edit.
These are all great smokes but my personal favorites are the New York and Texas.
Matthew in Brooklyn, NY September 14, 2014
Montecristo Operation Hope '09
"Would Not Recommend"
I would have paid double for this package for it to have a semi-nice and working cutter and lighter. The cutter is a thin cheap tin that isn't sharp. It'll probably eat up the cigar end before it cuts it. The lighter is sticky and gets dirty easily. But, the number one complaint with it is that it doesn't light. Literally, out of 50 tries it MIGHT light once. Both the cutter and the lighter are going in the trash. Hopefully the cigars are good. Overall, save your money.
Albert R. August 25, 2014
Montecristo Operation Hope Collection
"Good Cigars, Flimsy Accessories"
Don t get me wrong, the cigars are pure awesomeness. But the slime line cutter, super cheap and bad quality, in my opinion at least. So if you re buying it for the cutter, don t do it.
Gabe in Brooklyn, NY April 14, 2014
Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Pack with Slimline V Cut
Nothing really over the top about these cigars. they all had a smooth flavor and good finish. the darker cigar seemed to be a little to dark for my taste. the cutter i will not use anymore. leaves to much leaf behind. good cigars for a decnt price, also supports a good cause.
JORDAN in MIAMI February 20, 2014
Romeo y Julieta Premium Cigar Assortment 4 Pack
"3 out of 4 every time"
I usually let someone else smoke the maduro but the other 3 are always a treat. The right size and milder-side flavor for me, and very reliable.
zin guy in mountain view CA November 3, 2013
Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Pack with Slimline Cutter
Sticks are good, cutter is weak.
JH in Delaware July 16, 2013
Montecristo Operation Hope 4 Pack with Slimline Cutter
"Great Cigars and an Excellent Cutter"
The cutter is functional and solid, but some may not like it's thin construction. I put it in my wallet so it works for me. I like the cutter's rigid smooth feel and sharp double blades. The cigars need no introduction as they simply have no comparison on the market, equals, but none better. They alone are worth the price. very smooth flavorful cigars, yet each is different and flavorful. All draw well and I have had many of these.
JohnH in Midwest July 16, 2013
Romeo y Julieta Premium Cigar Assortment 4 Pack
"Good smoke"
Halfway through this pack, and so far they are very pleasant. Well made, consistent burn. Good choice to get a snap shot of what this maker has to offer.
Christian in Colorado March 30, 2013
Montecristo Operation Hope '09
"Horrible accessories."
Haven't made it to the Montecristos yet, but the accessories are crap. The lighter came covered in a sticky residue, and the gas tank cracked the first time I filled it.
Bryan in Tampa, FL January 20, 2013
Romeo y Julieta & Montecristo CRA Drive Sampler
"Great Sampler - Best deal and quality yet"
This is the best sampler deal yet at a fair price. Also a good cause - STOP FEDERAL INTERVENTION IN OUR RIGHTS!!!!
Garry in Murrieta, CA July 19, 2012
La Floridita Gold
La Floridita Limited Edition Cigars