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Ambrosia Reviews

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Ambrosia Kaya
"Different, spicy and sweet, but very good!"
Found these on sale and figured i would give them a try. Let them sit in the humidor for a couple of weeks and decided to pull them out at a BBQ and everyone was crazy about them and were all talking about buying their own box. Very good construction, firm feel and a draw a little loose for my liking but over all a great little quick smoke. I would highly recommend them to anyone liking flavored smokes and even for something a little different every now and then for the regular cigar smoker.
Anthony D. in Lake Charles, LA. March 20, 2011
Ambrosia Spice 5 Pack
"A crowd pleaser."
This is one cigar that people seem to enjoy being around. How many cigars can you smoke in a crowd and have people smile at you, or ask the brand. Just a great cigar. That said... let's talk about the occasional canoe burn. If you are not prepared it can get a bit messy. Would I buy them again? Sure thing.
skb in Illinois March 2, 2011
Ambrosia Vann Reef
"if you like clove you will love this!"
starts sweet, and the clove flavor stays with the whole cigar, it is a sweeter cigar overall but keeps good flavor the whole time. Should definitely try these.
Andrew in johnston, IA July 26, 2010
Ambrosia Vann Reef
"Smooth, with a bit more Punch than other Amborsia"
As usual with Jonathan Drew's Ambrosia, the burn was nice and the build is excellent. On this Vann Reef, you get a bit more spicer flavor than say... Mother Earth. Its a very nice blend that seemed to maintain its balance. Burn is slow and cool, kept it's ash very solidly. I tipped it on 3rds, with the last 3rd being the end, which I must say I burned to about 1/2". So if you like Ambrosia, but yearned for a bit more strength, this may be the one for you. I totally enjoyed!
JC in Central Jersey July 26, 2010
Ambrosia Mother Earth
"Totally Enjoyable Cigar - Everybody at party liked"
I LOVE Mother Earth... Burn and Draw are always great! The Taste is where its at... They don't taste like they smell. I know that sounds strange, but they have a wonderfully aromatic scent, but they have a earthy taste like FINE Tobacco with a slight essence of is not overpowering. I burned this at a party and there were a couple dudes burning Cohib's, Fuente's, but everybody commented on the Ambrosia. Even had a few folks that wanted to try it... (I only let the ladies try ;-) Great stuff, I'll keep buyin as long as their made!
James in Jersey Shore July 12, 2010
Ambrosia Nectar
"Great cigar!"
This cigar is possibly one of my favorites. It has a smoth flavor, and a nice easy draw. I recamend it to anyone. It also had a nice sweet taste.
Joev in Arlington Tn June 30, 2010
Ambrosia Clove Tiki (10)
"Spicy and unique"
You can't really go wrong with a cigar from Drew Estates. They sell this as the only clove cigar in the world and it is quite unique. The cigar is spicy with a touch of sweetness but the clove isn't overpowering. It's just good. I can't get enough of these. Their size makes them a quick but tasty smoke
Kevin in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA May 1, 2010
Ambrosia Spice
"leaves a little to be desired"
construction was horrendous and flavor doesn't last. not as good as the acids.
rseaman in canastota,ny January 21, 2010
Ambrosia Triple Corona
"Great cigar smooth, great taste"
I was given this cigar by a co-worker. I have been trying to find a good cigar ever since they stop making the Kaluha brand cigars. I've found my New cigar. I would highly recommend it to my friends and any one else who likes acid cigars.
Luis in Chicago, Ill August 12, 2009
Ambrosia Mother Earth
"Tasty, smooth, Great by the campfire..."
Nice construction, burns evenly, smooth draw. Tastes a little like Nutrasweet on the lips at first, but that quickly goes away. Love these next to the campfire with a bottle of Double Bastard ale........
Pondscum in Poberry May 31, 2009
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