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Ambrosia Clove Tiki (10) Reviews [view details]

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"An interesting alternative to the Acid series."
I honestly wasn t sure what to expect with these cigarillos, but having tried them, I must admit they are not bad. Their character is very reminiscent of Drew Estate s Acid series, only nowhere near as strong. The clove flavoring is there, but not too heavy not like a clove cigarette, for example . Combined with the excellent mild tobacco, these make for an interesting smoke. It s not something I would smoke every day, but as an occasional something different, I would recommend them if you like something exotic and spicy, but don t really like the heavily experimental nature of Acids.
Dan in June 18, 2014
"Ambrosia Indeed..! Semi-Sweet, Spice is Nice...!"
Great combination of flavor with a medium aroma. The Clove is not too heavy and the Sweet is just right - Give it a try...!
James in San Antonio December 3, 2013
"NOT What You're Thinking, Perhaps Not Even ......"
Burn, consistency, draw, appearance, and construction are all perfect as with any Drew cigar. As with all Drew cigars these taste good, and pack full bodied taste into a rillo. My gripes are, well first of all, THESE ARE NOT THE FIRST CLOVE CIGAR. Djarum has been doing them for YEAAARS, and I'm not talking those god awful little clove cigars they import to the US market. The Indonesian Clove Cigars they sell in their homeland are actually quite good, and are a true crackling kretek whole clove experience. I was expecting these to be a clove cigar smoking experience taken to new heights as Drew has done with his 'rebirth of cigars' What I got when I smoked the first one of these was NOT what I expected, but thinking on it, it makes sense.... Clove Infused would be what these are, and not actually "clove cigars" as we've come to know from Djarums cigars, and all the true Indo kreteks (gudang garam, sampoerna, and the smaller brands) These cigars are something TOTALLY different..... There is no crackling, no whole clove petals in these, no ground cloves. They simply have a mild flavor of clove infusion, along with anise and whatever other spices Drew Estate used in this blend, along with a flavorful mild tobacco blend. They are good. Very good. Not what I was expecting. Not what I would consider a "clove cigar" but for what they are, and it makes sense, as drew infuses cigars, doesn't create cigars made with certain things, that these are what they are. If you are a Clove Tobacco enthusiast, you're probably going to be somewhat disappointed with these in some sense. If you're a casual clove smoker, or a fan of drews other blends, you'll LOVE these. They are what they are. After a huge disappointment on the first one, I'm halfway through the tin and have come to appreciate them.
p in nyc September 11, 2013
"Very Smooth and Sweet"
These are great. I love the smell and they are pleasantly mild. You can taste the sweet with the spice, I LoVe these!!
Grady in Tuscaloosa, Al May 12, 2013
"Its ok, but just ok"
I do enjoy theses little smokes. They are flavorful and the aroma isn't bad but they seem a bit dry in the taste for all that spicy flavor. It's like a great looking piece of cake that taste good just needs a glass of cold milk to go with it.
j'mo in Jeff City, MO September 3, 2012
"Spicy and unique"
You can't really go wrong with a cigar from Drew Estates. They sell this as the only clove cigar in the world and it is quite unique. The cigar is spicy with a touch of sweetness but the clove isn't overpowering. It's just good. I can't get enough of these. Their size makes them a quick but tasty smoke
Kevin in Elk Grove Village, IL, USA May 1, 2010
this is a wonderful cigar. all of the ambrosia cigars are terrific.
Sinica in Texas April 6, 2008
"Nice taste and smell"
If your interested in something a little different from a regular cigar you might wanna try these. They have a nice sweet taste with a slightly spicy flavoring.
Zoads in CA August 27, 2007
wonderful smoke, great flavor, girl friend will smoke these over regular cigarettes.
owen in wichita ks. July 27, 2007
"Love It!!!!"
I love this cigar. It is smooth, sweet and has a wonderful scent to it! This is a cigar that I would burn my finger to smoke!
Tammye in Florida May 10, 2007
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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