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"Totally Enjoyable Cigar - Everybody at party liked"
I LOVE Mother Earth... Burn and Draw are always great! The Taste is where its at... They don't taste like they smell. I know that sounds strange, but they have a wonderfully aromatic scent, but they have a earthy taste like FINE Tobacco with a slight essence of is not overpowering. I burned this at a party and there were a couple dudes burning Cohib's, Fuente's, but everybody commented on the Ambrosia. Even had a few folks that wanted to try it... (I only let the ladies try ;-) Great stuff, I'll keep buyin as long as their made!
James in Jersey Shore July 12, 2010
"Tasty, smooth, Great by the campfire..."
Nice construction, burns evenly, smooth draw. Tastes a little like Nutrasweet on the lips at first, but that quickly goes away. Love these next to the campfire with a bottle of Double Bastard ale........
Pondscum in Poberry May 31, 2009
"one of my favorites"
I really enjoyed this Cigar... if you like flavor you will love this
chris in pontoon beach November 19, 2008
Best line of cigars ever made. OUTSTANDING!!
Dante in Texas November 1, 2008
"ambrosia, the food of gods?"
yes, they are. mother earth is a sweet mild smoke, sometimes like mulled wine. if you want a pleasing smoke, which the wife won`t complain about, try them.
al in orlando November 8, 2005
"Second Experience a little better"
I am truely a Drew Estates lover.....however I must admit that my first experience with the Ambrosia line was not that impressive. I tried a Mother Earth and I must admit, NOT impressed with the cigar at all. The construction of the cigar was poor, it burned uneven after all of my attempts to get the damn thing to burn correctly. I do not find the Ambrosia line as good as the Acid Series of sticks. My second Mother Earth experience was somewhat better. After a couple of days in the humidor this one seemed to burn better and more even. Still not as aromatic and flavorful as the Acid Cigars. Overall I do not think the Ambrosia line will become an all time favorite and I will spend my bucks on the Acid series instead for that change of pace stick. But give it a try and see what you think. You will definitely get the clove sensation...... I also tried a Vann Reef of the Ambrosia line for my third experience and my opinion did not seem to change that much at all.....
Eric W in North Carolina November 18, 2004
"This is not a cigar for avid cigar smokers"
For those of you who do not smoke many cigars, or for those who are just starting out, this might be an acceptable smoke. But for those of us who have been around for a while, this short-filler, machine-rolled cigar lacks the compexity to be called a cigar-smokers' cigar. It is mushy to the touch and has a very loose draw. It is weak and relies on cloves for its flavor rather than quality tabacco. I give it a very disappointing 3.0 out of 10.
Julio Cesar Diaz, II in Miami, FL March 5, 2004
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10 Construction (86) 100
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