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"Excellent Smoke"
These are an excellent smoke and the infusion flavor is subtle. I'm tired of seeing these boorish reviews from some folks who are derisive about these and other infused Drew Estates cigars. If you don't like this style, don't freaking buy it. Anyone I've ever shared these with love them. Enough with your stupid comments....
John in Nashville March 22, 2014
I LOVE this cigar! It is one of two I purchase by the box!
Greg in Ephrata, PA January 1, 2013
"Great Cigar"
OK, this is not your average cigar. Drew Estate uses fine tobacco but they do something different here. I LOVE mild cigars - not too big on flavors because all the guys make fun of me but I LOVE this cigar. I love the Diamond Crown Connecticut and Montecristo White but this Drew Estate Cigar has me HOOKED! I like to try everything twice before commenting and I love this one.
Kim in South Carolina August 8, 2011
"Great cigar!"
This cigar is possibly one of my favorites. It has a smoth flavor, and a nice easy draw. I recamend it to anyone. It also had a nice sweet taste.
Joev in Arlington Tn June 30, 2010
"Something is not quite right here ..."
I enjoy a wide variety of the Drew Estates flavorings, but this cigar tastes like children's chewable vitamins ... seriously ..
Kenn in Cedarburg August 2, 2008
"Not a cigar"
My son and his friends like these sticks but I would pick something out of a box at the supermarket before spending a dime on these. The flavors all have appropriate uses as tea, on ham and in baking. No cigar smoke. They really stink up the place for real smokers.
Joe in Ocean City, MD March 6, 2008
If you have a sweet tooth - this cigar is for you. The cigar was too soft - I thought it might be too wet - it is wrapped loosely. It was really sweet. The flavor was there - I just didn't enjoy it. So far, Spice is the way to go.
Mike in California August 26, 2005
"my favorite"
i enjoy quite a few of drew estate products, but the ambrosia line is hands down my favorite, and the nectar is my favorite cigar overall. the nectar has a mild, smooth herbal tea flavor, and draws fairly easily. i always have people ask me what i'm smoking and get many compliments in public. when you're done, you have no harsh cigar taste in your mouth. i would recommend this cigar to anyone, and i have in fact gotten a few of my friends hooked on the nectar. i must also add that drew estate does not use short filler, nor are they machine made.
blake in michigan September 8, 2004
"Ambrosia Nectar"
I have to wonder if Mr. Julio Cesar Diaz II may have gotten hold of a counterfit, although Drew Estates has not reported any. For Mr. Diaz' information Drew Estates does not make short filler cigars, period. They do make the full line of Ambrosia cigars with exclusively Nicaraguan tobaccos, primarily grown in their own fields. As a professsional chef I find the Ambrosia line a delicious, chewable,tastefully spiced and perfumed with a large number of spices, not just cloves and a number of aromatics. I thoroughly enjoy this cigar and find it especially plesaurable with a final cup of good black coffee following a good steak dinner. It is not my every day cigar but reserved for special occasions. I suggest Mr. Diaz try one again.
Joseph T. Garrett in Southern Indiana April 22, 2004
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