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Amilcar Perez Castro Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Decent for the price"
Decent Maduro and definitely worth the price for 20. After seasoning them for about 3 months the flavor improved quite a bit. if you like maduros, it's worth it.
Wes in California December 17, 2012
"not worth it"
I'll have to say that I don't get the fascination with APC and Rockey Patel. I am new to both, have tried both, and have been completely underwhelmed. Taste was one dimensional (harsh), draw was reminded me of trying to siphon gas from a car in 1972, and the wrapper started to peel off half way through. Not worth $3 per stick, let alone, $5 plus.
NinthPrince in USA May 19, 2012
Let me start off by saying that I don't care for maduro cigars. That being said, Amilcar Castro's reputation along with the very good reviews on the Famous site (and the awesome sale price) compelled me to take a shot on these. Seldom do impulse purchases turn out as well as this one did for me. This is a very good cigar. They look good, have a nice sweet pre-light, and a killer flavor profile. They start out a little stronger (medium strength) then I would have thought, but quickly settle down and provide a nice, slightly sweet flavor with hints of cocoa/chocolate and mild/medium spice. I nailed one right off the truck (had it lit before the UPS guy was back in his truck) and it was just about as good as the one I smoked after a week of humidor time. Very smooth and flavorful smoke. Excellent construction with no burn issues to date. This is one of those cigars that you look forward to smoking. Highly recommend.
Bill K in Savannah, GA April 22, 2012
I rather enjoyed these. I bought a 5 pack at discount price. My buddy and I sat back and lit them up. They are definitely worth trying. Very well constructed. Lovely draw and flavor. Give them a whirl. The only cigar disappointment I have had from Amilcar is the Next generation.
Ian in Columbus October 10, 2011
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10 Burn (92) 100
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10 Consistency (92) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (96) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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