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Analog Style Gold Digital Hygrometer Reviews [view details]

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"Would Not Calibrate"
Way too big. They need to put the dimensions in the description!!! I put it in with my calibrated one and even after calibrating it was still 15% off. At 70% it read around 90%. Re-calibrated and the closest I got it was within 8%. Big, bulky, and hard to calibrate. I wouldn't recommend this one.
Ron in Spokane, Wa. February 6, 2014
"Nice hygro"
Really nice hygro. Quite large though; not for small humidors. It is fully re-calibratible, includes instructions. It's definitely a steal at $15.95!
Greg in PA April 18, 2013
"Caution *LARGE* size hygrometer"
Be advised, the diameter of this hygrometer is 3 inches. Most humidors supply a SMALL (1.75") hygrometer. This may prove to be a problem if your humidor has an existing, SMALL, external hygrometer. Be sure you take into account the clearance between the lid and/or the bottom of your humidor's existing hygrometer hole. With the larger size of this hygrometer, it may overlap onto the humidor lid, or even, cause a clearance problem with the bottom of the humidor.
GarDad in Waldorf, MD February 2, 2012
"Not accurate overtime"
Seemed to work at first, but became innacurate overtime.
R.Allen in ny January 1, 2009