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Andros Reviews

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Andros Toro
I did not find the Andros to be flavorful. I also found them to be of poor construction. I was not happy with the smoking experience of this cigar.
John in Fairfield, Ca March 8, 2014
Andros Robusto
"Nice cheap cigar"
Got these off the auction for less than $15 a bundle. Burn, taste and draw were okay. Nice cigar for mowing the lawn etc. Bet they will get better with sometime in the humi.
Tim in Central California July 21, 2013
Andros Churchill
"Sampler that made the cut"
I enjoyed this cigar that was included in a sampler. I have ordered more since it was mild and flavorful. Enjoy!
Joey S in Clearwater Florida July 5, 2013
Andros Toro
"Maduro is big bang for the buck!"
This is a well constructed and potent Dominican. I have not seen such value in a lower-priced cigar before. Be sure to get the maduro.
Paul in MN April 23, 2013
Andros Churchill
"Not that good"
I love cigars, of all ranges, from 99 cents to 40 bucks a stick... I have been smoking for over 10 years now. I get that with the " " Bargain " cigars some say you get what you pay for...but sometimes you fine a gem in the rough... this is NOT that. It burned clean.. but the taste was like they took dry leaves from the lawn and rolled them up. Even the smoke from the tip smelled funny. have a few still in my humidor ( a friend gave me a few ) and I will see if they taste any better in a few months...but as of now, I will NOT be buying any of these.
Mike in Saugerties, NY April 13, 2013
Andros Robusto
"Glad they were free"
This might be a decent cigar if it was not like sucking air thru a little red coffee straw. Nice look and tastes good from what i can draw.
Deepset in Washington State February 6, 2013
Andros Robusto
"GREAT CIGAR! Price is almost to cheap..."
I was surprised by the draw %26 smooth taste fro such a cheap cigar. I will be ordering more very soon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
vinny in ri January 26, 2013
Andros Churchill
"Hard draw"
The burn was ok went out once or twice (it was windy) and lit back up fine... It was somewhat inconsistent... The draw on most of the smokes was terrible the ones that had a decent draw were pretty good... The appearance is more yellowish than it looks in the picture... The taste was a mild medium a little earthy with a bit of spice and a leather finish.. Construction was fair It was a little mushy towards the end most every day smoke are though... It was a nice smoke I myself won't be buying again due to the horrible draw but it's was worth the money for the few smoke that were good.
GGGcigars in USA December 16, 2012
Andros Robusto
"draw good, taste horrendous"
OK. This cigar is not good. Good burn and draw, but the taste is a mild tobacco flavor with absolutely no other flavor. Tart on tongue. Overall nasty. I've smoked many cigars and I wouldn't recommend this one to my worst enemy. Go buy Famous Nicaragua Bundles. Around same price and ten times better. Sorry Andros. I don't know why you released this cigar, it's bad.
Alex in Kansas City, MO October 3, 2012
Andros Robusto
"Needs to age a little more..."
Made the mistake of smoking a couple on the first day I got them: terrible burn and even a worse draw. Ended up spiking the hell out it to get a decent draw. Also cutting the cap completly off was helpful. Not to mention recutting the cigar half way through the smoke becsuse the burn was so off.Ironically,the last quarter of each of these problematic cigars ended up being a decent smoke for the cost. Upon opening my humi the next day there was a strong smell of ammonia,which I understand is relatively common with young premium cigars that need some additional aging in the humidor. I intend to keep these sticks inside the humidor for another few weeks and to make sure to open the humidor every once in a while to let any trapped ammonia out. Last word: needed to much attention to get a satifying smoke.
Richard in Derby, CT April 13, 2012
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