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Andros Robusto
"Nice cheap smoke"
I enjoyed this very much. Nice "chocolate" maduro flavor, mixed in with some woody, nuttiness. As previous reviewer noted, uneven burn, but for the price I got it for it was real good. Def. Gonna be a cheap go to staple in my humid.
An anonymous smoker December 6, 2011
Andros Robusto
"Economical and tasty!"
Was really surprised, expected a decent but slightly under par cigar...Turned out to be really tasty! Draw and burn was great (which is a big thing for me), plenty of smoke, taste was very pleasing. Would recommend it for a daily smoke to anyone!
Pat in Illinois November 23, 2011
Andros Robusto
"An excellent lunch break cigar"
I just enjoyed an Andros Robusto Maduro. What a good smoke with a subtle greatness to the look. Upon cutting it and taking it to the mouth, I noted a great flavor of wood but noticed the draw might be tight. I did have a problem with even burn through the first third but one relight solved this issue. The last two thirds of the stick smoked smoothly with great wood and earth flavor. The smoke was sufficient (I like billows of smoke best) and I experienced no bitterness. At less than two dollars for this stick (thanks to the Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1) this cigar is excellent for any lunch break. Enjoy!
Joe in Pembroke, NH October 27, 2011
Andros Robusto
"For the money, UNBEATABLE!"
It is my favorite for the money. I smoke it almost everyday..
Alan in Texas April 22, 2011
Andros Robusto
"Not so great"
I was excited to try this cigar but after having a horrible time lighting it, it was very hard to get a good draw. Although it was mild and the price was very very good there was a bitter after taste. Glad I only bought two
Kitty in The Bluegrass State March 29, 2011
Andros Churchill
I bought a bundle just for kick and giggles. The first one quit good for price. The second was well disappointing. Well when you buy quality you only cry once.
Stinky in Minnesota May 12, 2010
Andros Robusto
"Decent Extremely Mild Smoke"
Not a bad mild moke. Burn was so so on the cigar. Only a 45 minute smoke. Draw was very easy. Good for a morning cigar with a coffee.
James in NH October 18, 2009
Andros Toro
"Mom said if you can't say anything nice......"
My opinion of this cigar? My grandpa used to say, "Quality is like buying oats. If you want good clean oats you need to pay a fair price. However, if you don't mind oats that have already been through the horse once, well...they're a little cheaper". You have also heard it said, "You get what you pay for". There is a reason these cigars are inexpensive.
Jay P. in Florida October 16, 2009
Andros Churchill
""Decent, everyday smoke""
This a decent everyday smoke, will definitley buy them again. Great price for a decent smoke.
Billy in East Bridgewater, MA March 11, 2009
Andros Robusto
"Beautiful looking budget smoke"
This is by far my favorite smoke under $2. Usually, anything under $2 is automatically written off as garbage. Not the case with this smoke. Sure, it's not as good as a $5+ smoke but it is definitely better than it's sub $2 price tag. The draw is almost effortless, the smoke just billows from this cigar. The taste isn't to bad and you're not left with any horrible after taste. The bottom line, buy some of these and keep them in your humi. Great to share with friends or for a quick smoke.
Patrick in Beaver, Pa January 27, 2009
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