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Andros Reviews

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Andros Corona
"Glad I discovered"
these for my every day cigar. For the price you can not beat it. I am a new smoker (less than 3 months) so I have not experimented a lot. But I am happy with these.
Darryl in California December 7, 2008
Andros Corona
With the natural wrapper, there is very little flavor going on here.
Vectorer in Kalamazoo Tower November 16, 2008
Andros Robusto
"Not bad at all"
A decent light-flavored-yet-medium-bodied cigar, especially for the price. The burn and draw were excellent and if you don't like a strong flavor in your cigars, it's a winner.
JW in St. Louis October 3, 2008
Andros Robusto
"A cheap, tasty smoke"
This isn't too popular, or so it seems, but I enjoyed it. The wrapper was quite dry, and I wouldn't call it consistent, but at no point did I find the flavor unpleasant. I liked it, and would recommend it to others.
Ken in Kansas September 30, 2008
Andros Toro
"Better with age"
I have let these cigars age and am extremely pleased.
Conley in Austin July 23, 2008
Andros Robusto
"not too good..."
glad it was bought only as 1 of 5 pc sampler
Conley in Austin July 23, 2008 July 10, 2008
Andros Lonsdale
"Inconsistent, poorly rolled, disappointing"
From the first to the last, sadly a bad choice. Some were rolled way too loosly, many had imperefections that would leak smoke and cut down on the draw...but the taste was good,
Ken in Scranton June 12, 2008
Andros Churchill
"YUK! Tastes like KEROSENE!"
I just threw away a whole bundle (25) of these. They smell and taste just like kerosene. Could have been a fluke, but they were truly disgusting.
Don in Sebring, Florida June 4, 2008
Andros Corona
"This last batch....."
has been terrible. Don't taste the same and can't keep them lit. This was my favorite everyday cigar, but now, I don't think I'll buy any for awhile.
James in St. Marys May 14, 2008
Andros Lonsdale
"So So At Best"
I picked up a bundle of these on auction for $18 which put them at .72 cents each and sense I tend to lean to the Lonsdale side for cigars I figure what the heck. The construction and appearance where ok and the burn overall was good didn’t go out or need to be relit. I had no problem with the draw but the taste was not bad but less then expected or hoped for. I’ve only had these a few weeks, maybe after a few months in the humidor they will improve. If you can pick up a bundle for $18 - $20 buck then go for it but for the same price you can get the Famous Dominican 4000 Lonsdale which I really like and they have a great flavor. So its back to the 4000’s for me!
Bill in Brandon, Fl May 13, 2008
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