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Andros Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Nice cheap cigar"
Got these off the auction for less than $15 a bundle. Burn, taste and draw were okay. Nice cigar for mowing the lawn etc. Bet they will get better with sometime in the humi.
Tim in Central California July 21, 2013
"Needs to age a little more..."
Made the mistake of smoking a couple on the first day I got them: terrible burn and even a worse draw. Ended up spiking the hell out it to get a decent draw. Also cutting the cap completly off was helpful. Not to mention recutting the cigar half way through the smoke becsuse the burn was so off.Ironically,the last quarter of each of these problematic cigars ended up being a decent smoke for the cost. Upon opening my humi the next day there was a strong smell of ammonia,which I understand is relatively common with young premium cigars that need some additional aging in the humidor. I intend to keep these sticks inside the humidor for another few weeks and to make sure to open the humidor every once in a while to let any trapped ammonia out. Last word: needed to much attention to get a satifying smoke.
Richard in Derby, CT April 13, 2012
"Nice cheap smoke"
I enjoyed this very much. Nice "chocolate" maduro flavor, mixed in with some woody, nuttiness. As previous reviewer noted, uneven burn, but for the price I got it for it was real good. Def. Gonna be a cheap go to staple in my humid.
in December 6, 2011
"An excellent lunch break cigar"
I just enjoyed an Andros Robusto Maduro. What a good smoke with a subtle greatness to the look. Upon cutting it and taking it to the mouth, I noted a great flavor of wood but noticed the draw might be tight. I did have a problem with even burn through the first third but one relight solved this issue. The last two thirds of the stick smoked smoothly with great wood and earth flavor. The smoke was sufficient (I like billows of smoke best) and I experienced no bitterness. At less than two dollars for this stick (thanks to the Famous 20 Under 20 Sampler #1) this cigar is excellent for any lunch break. Enjoy!
Joe in Pembroke, NH October 27, 2011
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10 Construction (59) 100
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