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"Nice everyday cigar"
Alright granted I m no cigar expert but I did enjoy this one I just smoked. Right off the delivery truck I lit one up. The aroma isn t the best but it did burn well requiring only one correction. The taste I really did enjoy. I would recommend trying them to anyone who wants a decent everyday smoke. I will be buying more myself and trying more of the East Coast Rollers brand. Give em a shot.
Richard in Texas February 21, 2015
"A Tale of Two Cigars"
After receiving the ECR 20 under 20 sampler I smoked this particular cigar right after I received it from the UPS truck. It burned terrible with 5 burn corrections needed. It would also not stay lit unless I triple puffed it continually. Fast forward to the second Angry Monk smoked after napping in my humidor for a spell. Burn was much improved requiring only 1 correction. The stick also stayed lit from beginning to end with no hassle. The taste of this brand as with all the ECR cigars is a judgement call. You either like them or you don't. The point here is with a little patience and care in handling even these inexpensive sticks, while no threat to the Alec Bradley's and Diamond Crowns of the world, can smoke like a champ if treated properly.
Charles in Oldsmar, FL September 15, 2014
"Look elsewhere for cheap sticks"
I was looking for an everyday smoke and had expectations set low due to price. These cigars didn't even meet my low expectations. Tasted like hay - half of them because I threw the other half away. Left in my humi for about a month and they were still horrible. Burn was not bad, somewhat even. Taste was terrible and the draw was very loose. Felt soft too. There are other options for under $2 a stick you should consider.
Al in Houston, TX October 11, 2013
So dry they crumbled when I cut them. Flavor was harsh. No wonder the monks are angry.
Brock in Utah July 9, 2013
"thought was smoking a higher end stick"
this was an awesome stick for money. thought i was smoking a a higher end stick. got it in 20 sampler pack. it came to me very soft so put in humador and was gettting firmer. good value. was gonna order bundle of these but on back order and that should tell you something.
bill b the re agent in mahopac ny July 7, 2013
"Good everyday smoke"
I was surprised by these. A cheap smoke with an oddball name will usually be crap. But these burned well, had a nice strong flavor. Definitely a good value!
Stan in Colorado June 26, 2013
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