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Antonio Y Cleopatra Reviews

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Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Once great, now terrible tast"
What happened? These were once the best cigars sold in country stores, now 75% of them are so bitter in taste soon after lighting them they cannot be smoked. AyC needs to correct this sooner than later.
James in TN October 5, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Taste has become awful"
These used to be the best cigars sold in country stores %26 gas stations. Now at least half of them develop a terrible bitter taste about 1/3 of the way into them. Please check this out AyC, and get it fixed! Don't let a good cigar go away.
Jim in Union City, TN October 3, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Not bad for a Drug store gar"
The AyC Grenadier cigar is, as far as drug store or gas station cigars go, in the upper end of the category. Like most well made machine cigars the flavor and burn and construction are almost always consistent. Sure once and a while you will get a cigar that is plugged, or the hole is punched incorrectly, but that is not often. The flavor is a very mild, almost blandish, dry tobacco flavor, with a hint of flavorings added to the homogenized sheet binder. The flavors in the binder taste a bit like chocolate and vanilla. This is not a sweet cigar, but as I said dry. The finale fourth of the cigar can be bitter at times, I think this is caused by the binder. Over all, as machine made cigars go, this is better then a Phillie or Dutch Masters, but not as good as a Muniemaker.
Todd in Connecticut September 6, 2012
AyC Grenadier Whiffs (6)
"My favorite cigars"
Smooth and consistent
David in 7777 Holmes rd August 15, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Were once excellent. Now are horrible."
I started smoking the AyC Grenadier darks in 1983 and have LOVED them up until now. There would always be a low percentage of them that would deliver a bitter, ugly tar to your mouth after smoking it down a way. Recently, they are nearly ALL bad. You have to throw them away in the middle of the smoke. Something seriously wrong at AyC on these.
Darryl in Cincinnati OH August 7, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Used to be a decent cigar"
These used to be a decent in between cigar, now it seems every other one is plugged or has holes in it making it unsmokable. They are in need of some serious quality control.
John Connolly in NJ April 28, 2012
Antonio y Cleopatra Wise Guys Honey Berry (10)
"Best cigar I ever smoked!"
Taste and aroma is consistant, no after taste. For a cigar rated above 90 they can't keep enough of them in the store and consequently we have to wait which is not good.
Ed in Nazareth, PA April 9, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Light
"very very good"
smoke these all the all ayc cigars. saving for a box or 2
ken in pawtucket RI April 6, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Light
"great and inexpensive"
I'm naturally a bit of a snob so I got a single on a lark. It was splendid. Just as nice as a cordial sized Ashton might be better. I liked it more.
carol in oklahoma March 18, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
I put these in a humidor and after a couple weeks not a bad quick smoke. For the price worth it.
Ron W in Sacramento ca December 20, 2011
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