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Antonio Y Cleopatra Reviews

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Antonio y Cleopatra Wise Guys Honey Berry (10)
"Best cigar I ever smoked!"
Taste and aroma is consistant, no after taste. For a cigar rated above 90 they can't keep enough of them in the store and consequently we have to wait which is not good.
Ed in Nazareth, PA April 9, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Light
"very very good"
smoke these all the all ayc cigars. saving for a box or 2
ken in pawtucket RI April 6, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Light
"great and inexpensive"
I'm naturally a bit of a snob so I got a single on a lark. It was splendid. Just as nice as a cordial sized Ashton might be better. I liked it more.
carol in oklahoma March 18, 2012
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
I put these in a humidor and after a couple weeks not a bad quick smoke. For the price worth it.
Ron W in Sacramento ca December 20, 2011
Antonio y Cleopatra Wise Guys Honey Berry (10)
"Great for the money!!"
I was very impressed with these, will definitely be purchasing these again!!!
Josh in Kentucky December 3, 2011
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Light
"best sub dollar machine rolled"
All tobacco with a paper binder. I've smoked a lot of minis that cost as much, don't last as long or taste as good. Really like the natural sweetness and green color of the candela wrapper. Not sure why they call it light. 1st third is on par with much more expensive cigars & very mild. Middle third is more medium bodied and rich. Last third is often bitter. I keep a wood screw handy for reaming ones that don't draw well. Fairly consistent quality with about every 12th pack of six having one or more rejects. Just wish these 50 boxes were easier to find.
JEff in Waco, Texas December 1, 2011
AyC Grenadiers Dark (6)
"Best machined cigar by far."
If money is an issue!!.I have come to prefer these to most hand made. Other than a few premium cigars, these are best over all. I used to smoke only hand rolled, got tired of fighting to smoke poorly constructed cigars. If you want a good every day smoke try these, save your Macs,Cohi,and Monte's for after dinner.
Daniel M in Cleveland Ohio September 6, 2011
AyC Grenadier Whiffs (6)
"Like the Website"
Looking for a little smoke I've used for a long time 10 or more yrs.
Anthony in New York N.Y. September 3, 2011
Antonio y Cleopatra Wise Guys Honey Berry (10)
"Best Small Cigar!"
For honeyberry cigars these are the best along side of backwoods and i rate these higher because of backwoods drop in quality
Anthony in New York N.Y. September 3, 2011 September 1, 2011
Anton & Cleo Grenadiers
"Good for the Price"
I picked these up at my local gas station. I'd been eyeing them for a while and finally checked them out. They had a nice flavor, and were usually consistent throughout. I used them for a nice morning smoke and they fit pretty well for the job. They were a bit stiff upon opening, but I stuck them in my humidor and they were quite a bit better. The burn wasn't as hot and it made for a smoother smoke. The draw was a bit hard on a few of them. All in all, a good walue for the price.
Anthony in New York N.Y. September 3, 2011 September 1, 2011 June 16, 2011
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