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Anton & Cleo Grenadiers Reviews [view details]

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"Not bad for a Drug store gar"
The AyC Grenadier cigar is, as far as drug store or gas station cigars go, in the upper end of the category. Like most well made machine cigars the flavor and burn and construction are almost always consistent. Sure once and a while you will get a cigar that is plugged, or the hole is punched incorrectly, but that is not often. The flavor is a very mild, almost blandish, dry tobacco flavor, with a hint of flavorings added to the homogenized sheet binder. The flavors in the binder taste a bit like chocolate and vanilla. This is not a sweet cigar, but as I said dry. The finale fourth of the cigar can be bitter at times, I think this is caused by the binder. Over all, as machine made cigars go, this is better then a Phillie or Dutch Masters, but not as good as a Muniemaker.
Todd in Connecticut September 6, 2012
"Were once excellent. Now are horrible."
I started smoking the AyC Grenadier darks in 1983 and have LOVED them up until now. There would always be a low percentage of them that would deliver a bitter, ugly tar to your mouth after smoking it down a way. Recently, they are nearly ALL bad. You have to throw them away in the middle of the smoke. Something seriously wrong at AyC on these.
Darryl in Cincinnati OH August 7, 2012
"Used to be a decent cigar"
These used to be a decent in between cigar, now it seems every other one is plugged or has holes in it making it unsmokable. They are in need of some serious quality control.
John Connolly in NJ April 28, 2012
I put these in a humidor and after a couple weeks not a bad quick smoke. For the price worth it.
Ron W in Sacramento ca December 20, 2011
"Good for the Price"
I picked these up at my local gas station. I'd been eyeing them for a while and finally checked them out. They had a nice flavor, and were usually consistent throughout. I used them for a nice morning smoke and they fit pretty well for the job. They were a bit stiff upon opening, but I stuck them in my humidor and they were quite a bit better. The burn wasn't as hot and it made for a smoother smoke. The draw was a bit hard on a few of them. All in all, a good walue for the price.
in June 16, 2011
"not bad"
Bought a pack of these at local grocer, they were out of my usual, lucky for me the clerk was a stogy smoker too. But she recommended these AYC's. She was Cuban so I figured she knows her stuff when it comes to cigars, anyways I was pleased with the quality and taste of these "lancer" type cigars. Have purchased them from here on without hesitation. NOTE: For the price which is nearly 7Bucks a 6 pack, yeah thanks to shimp tax Famous Smokes 10-6 packs are a bargain. Don't hesitate these are great little, but long knock a rounds. oh yeah you may find it better to chop the tip as it can get a little soggy.
jsctthll in ga November 17, 2009
"Dried out, many broken and with holes from machine"
I ordered these when Garcia Vega was out of stock. These were dried out, many with holes from wrapping machine, many broken by wrapping machine, poorly packed resulting in an inconsistent draw. A truly inferior cigar!
Thomas in Redmond, Washington November 25, 2007
"This is NOT the same as the"Gas Station Grenadier""
Burn Consistency Draw Appearance Taste Construction Well, after being a fan of little cigars, and....SOME cigarillos (gas station cigarillos are just weird, something's wrong with them, they are much worse than gas station cigars), and cheap cigars, i decided that maybe i would like "fancier" cigars. I kept an eye out for gas stations/grocery stores with higher class cigars, and I found some AyC Grenadier Minis and Garcia y Vega Cigarillos. They were almost exactly the same size, and i was incredibly displeased by both. They were VERY sharp in taste, and almost burned my mouth. They are currently aging for a LONG time, to see if some day they will be palatable. That was after i ordered my full size Grenadiers, these panatelas. I figured "oh great, i tried them and they suck. Good thing it was so cheap." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And cheap they are. 5 of these will cost less than most 5 packs of crappy cigars at a gas station. When they arrived, I noticed they were MUCH bigger. This brings me to my first point, ***the appearance. 8 out of 10.*** The cigar is longer than most panatelas, but it matches the thickness perfectly. Also, though not perfect as far as shape, the few dimples here and there seem to add to the aesthetic quality of the cigar. The "cap" at the end has a hole punched in it, so for a while i was confused as to whether or not i was to cut it. I decided to, which revealed how neatly the cigar was packed, which looked good and brings me to the next point: [By the way, i think you don't have to cut them, the hole is there so you can smoke them without cutting them] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Consistency, burn and draw ***Consistency: 7.5 out of 10.*** The aforementioned dimples show slight unevenness in the cigar, and the tobacco, though neat, is packed tighter at some places it seems. ***Burn: Not much to say here. It does. I didn't see a very large ember at the end, and it doesn't produce a lot of smoke. This contributes the mildness.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***Draw: 9.2 out of 10*** in my opinion. The draw is perfect for me, i can't say anything bad about it. might not be right for everyone though, and cutting it differently doesn't seem to provide a WHOLE lot of change in draw, so you're stuck with it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***Construction: 7 out of 10.*** Fair construction, it isn't going to explode on you, but i have had one of them start to come unraveled. Probably isolated incident, but either way it's not something one really wants. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Taste: very mild compared to what i've smoked, which is not a whole lot, so it is basically just my opinion. I have a very weak palate so things get too strong for me easily, but i can finish this cigar without much trouble and it doesn't get too hot. ***9/10 for me***, but the mildness might be a bit too mild for some, so ***8/10 overall.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overall: 8.5. Bump it up to 9 if you factor the price. If you've had the gas-station Grenadiers, either way, you will most likely like this cigar whether or not you liked the cheap ones. Something is just different about them, i think they might be made in a different plant or something.
Pete in WI June 30, 2007
"Bought cigars at Texaco Mini-Mart"
I bought a little three pack ($5.35) of the Anonio y Cleopatra Grenadier "Churchill" Maduro's on the way back from the ranch one evening. Didn't feel like going all the way back into town. Figger'd they'd taste as cheap as they are and where I bought 'em. Was I surprised! They're NOT Churchills (size was only like 6x50 or thereabouts) but they draw good, nice ash, stay lit, and taste pretty darn good. I was pleasantly surprised!
Whiskey in Ceres, CA August 18, 2005
"A Bargain product"
I am new to cigar smokin' I found the AyC Grenadier 6pack a relative bargain at my local smoke shop on clearance, 3packs (of 6 ea) for $7.35. They have an unusual green colored wrapper and there is no need for you to cut either end. I inhale and hold for approx 10 seconds before exhaling. At 2/3rds through, I am so high on nicotine, I have to sit down for a good ten minutes -wow! So far I have really enjoyed this brand but it does leaves a bad taste on my lips, not in my mouth.
Pete in SE PA August 18, 2004
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10 Burn (75) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (71) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (74) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (74) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (76) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (68) 100
Poor - Excellent

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