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Artisan Dominican Reviews

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Artisan Dominican Robusto
"Bad taste"
I had this in my humidor for three months; burns well, even burning, draws good but nasty bitter taste. It taste like ash. I will not smoke this again.
jdc in los angeles, ca December 17, 2012
Artisan Dominican Robusto
"I love these cigars!!"
I enjoy these Artisan Dominican Edition Maduro cigars more than some costing twice as much on! I am telling just a few close friends to keep the demand low at the local cigar shop ;-)
J Elmore in Indiana October 9, 2012
Artisan Dominican Robusto
"Great tasting cigar"
I bought this cigar as a give away. Dont let the price full you. This is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I would rate it ahead of my Cohibas and Montecristos. It burns even to the end. Its is mild but surprisingly tasty with a misterious sweetness at the end. Its an every day cigar.
Jose in Port saint Lucie, fl July 30, 2012
Artisan Dominican Toro
"Great Mild Maduro"
I don't understand the previous review. If you like Roly's or a milder maduro this is a fantastic smoke. I've bought 3 boxes now and I have zero complaints. Typically I like Connecticut wrapper, but these have a much more complex flavor. They are always a welcome change from my usual smokes . If you are looking for a more full flavor I would suggest the Honduran or the spicier Nic Artisan line, which I have also bought. These lines are great just a tad bit strong for me. This dominican smoke is as advertised , clean burn, and not a single one plugged. You can spend more on a mild Maduro, but why? I have smoked the boutiques, and if you are caught up on the name brand band. Please save these for me. $35 or close on the auction is a true STEAL. I'm not sure why I'm telling y'all it only cost me more, but that last commit sorta got my dander up... SOLID smoke. I smoke 2 cigars a day, so I'm no newbie.
Shugabayer in Carrollton GA July 9, 2012
Artisan Dominican Churchill
"You Get What You Pay For"
I had one last night - I was not impressed. I'm no "expert" but I know a good cigar when I smoke it. It's not a "bad" cigar, but I'd consider it "average." It's a cigar you can hand out and not feel too cheap, but not one that you value and keep for yourself. Basically, in the cigar world, regardless of all the B.S. advertising, etc., you get what you pay for. Period.
Paul in Kula, Hawaii May 11, 2012
Artisan Dominican Toro
I bought these cigars thinking that they would compare to other Artisans, but I was dissapointed. The draw is loose and there is little to no flavor. They go out at least once while smoking. Do not buy these
Steve W in Knightdale, NC January 19, 2012
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