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Artisan Honduran Reviews

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Artisan Honduran Churchill Maduro
"Good smoke"
This is a really descent smoke. i got 5 of them on the monster deal and plan to buy more..Smokes like a 5 dollar cigar..
Don in Va April 1, 2012
Artisan Honduran Toro Maduro
This review is based on one smoke. The stick was only resting for a few days before smoking. The cigar did not burn evenly from start to finish. Needed repeated touch-ups. Also had a restricted draw from beginning to end. The draw became worse during the 2nd and 3rd third. Spicy and smoked hot. WILL RE-EVALUATE after smoking the remaining four (4) from the five (5) pack.
Pete in NYC August 29, 2011
Artisan Honduran Toro Connecticut
"Nobody is posting so I'll do it"
Ok, for a smooth creamy Connecticut you can't go wrong. I love them and have never been dissatified with Any flavor Artisan flavor. I'm a frugal spender on smokes, and I have a good palate. I can tell ya what sucks, but I'd rather post a positive review. SooThe Habano Honduran is not a Medium it's a full, very spicy and strong. If you like the spicy characteristic of a Pepin then the Habano is for you. I hate to write this because I like my fine daily smokes to be less expensive , and I really don't want more competition on the auction, but famous has been straight with me , I'm being straight with you. I have paid much more for cigars that deliver much less. So in closing don't bid on these cigars... they suck? lol BUHO's they ain't.
Marty in Carrollton Ga August 20, 2011
Artisan Honduran Toro Habano
"OK.. enjoyed. Will likely get more"
Just got these and had to try one. Very good natural tobacco flavor and draw on the first half. Burned a little uneven but worth the effort to fix. Finish was a little harsh. Just smoke it to the band and all will be fine. Will try another in about a month. My rating A-
Mark Humphries in Tyler Texas August 6, 2011
Artisan Honduran Churchill Maduro
Purchased a box on auction for half price. Have smoked a few and they are OK for $2 per stick. Some spice and little bit of dark chocolate early on. Turns into vegetal and pepper notes midway.
Chris in Oregon June 9, 2011
Artisan Honduran Robusto Maduro
"Full of flavor"
Into my first box and I'm not disappointed with the taste good value for a winter smoke in the bush!
Tony D. in Waterloo, On. Can January 14, 2011
Artisan Honduran Churchill Habano
"Well made cigar, in my opinion similar to a Garcia"
Nice cigar in my opinion similar to a Famous Anniversary Garcia Family Churchill great with a glass of Jack. Lots of smoke and tasty.
Tony D. in Waterloo, On. Can January 14, 2011
Artisan Honduran Robusto Maduro
"Great Value"
Definitely worth a try if you are looking for a good value to balance out all those expensive ones in your humidor, especially if you grab some from the auction!
Tony D. in Waterloo, On. Can January 14, 2011 January 12, 2011
Artisan Honduran Robusto Habano
"Very smooth"
I picked up a 5 pack of these guys and have had 2 so far. They have a nice build, smooth complexion with no veins to be seen. It has an even burn and a nice creamy flavor, with a slight hint of nut. Enjoyed it. A solid cigar.
Chris in Washington DC July 25, 2010
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