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Arturo Fuente 858 Reviews [view details]

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"Good smooth smoke,"
858 is what most new Cigar smoker pick, A lite taste and good draw, there a good 8 out of 10#
RJ in Charleston SC. December 15, 2008
"Smooth and consistent"
Alwas a favorite Smooth and taste is consistent.
RJ in Charleston SC. July 30, 2008
"Loved it"
Granted I'm no expert, but of the cigars I've tried so far the 8-5-8 Maduro was a very enjoyable experience. I agree that it does get a little harsh after the band, and mine went out shortly thereafter, but up to that point it was pure pleasure. Will buy and smoke again, I don't know how can you beat it for under 5 bucks.
Robert in Central Kentucky April 17, 2008
"In my humble opinion"
So, this stick wasnt bad by any means. Well made, and a PERFECT burn for mine. Good smoke volume, and the flavor was pretty good at first, got quite a bit better from the middle to the 2nd third of the stick. A little harsh past the band, but Id buy it me with any questions!
Justin in TN September 16, 2007
"Best for my money"
I have smoked a LOT of cheaper cigars and find the dominicans to stand out, But the Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro is without question the best low priced cigar on the market today. clean burn, with a spicy sweet taste all the way to the end...I really do believe that they are rolled from the same tobacco family as the OpusX cigars.
R. McCraw in Birmingham, Al February 9, 2007
"my personal all-time favorite... for the money"
I have been smoking this cigar for 15+ years, and it has become my all-time favorite, for the price. I can buy it for about $3 per stick, and almost always smoke it to the stub. Out of the thousands I have smoked, I have had 3 or 4 'bad' ones (too tight, too loose). Again, for the price, this is my favorite smoke, and even at twice the price I would be hard-pressed to pass it up.
Gary P in Las Vegas December 11, 2006
"It really sucks."
You are better off to buy Tampa black jack cigars for less than one dollar in any 7/11 stores than pay anything for this crab
sia in tampa bay, florida February 11, 2006
"Bona Fortuna always with Flor Fina 858 Maduro"
Pay No Attention to the review before mine. This cigar is Numero Uno !!! Most delicious enjoyable cigar to relax with a Cappachino or Caffe Latte. Great burn, Great draw, Great aroma, Great taste, There GGRREEAAATTTTTTT !! Mouth watering as I speak. Perfect size for me too. mmmmm..mmmmm...GOOD !!
Bruce in Wickliffe, Ohio December 22, 2005
"Not good! Wrapped to tight with a poor draw!!!!!!"
Used to smoke 858's on a fairly regular basis. Not any more! They are wrapped to tight with a poor draw which makes them burn hot. Will not waste money on them again
Jim Woodley in Brenham December 14, 2005
"Arturo Fuente 858 5 Pack... A Sad Disappointment"
I am a new cigar smoker who recently purchased the Arturo Fuente 858 5 Pack. Based on my limited knowledge, "The Idiots Guide to Cigars" and a few copies of "Cigar Aficionado," I was expecting these cigars to be a "solid and safe" choice for a newbee like myself. To my dismay, all 5 have been a sad disappointment. Visually, they appear to be well constructed. However, the tobacco under the cap must secretly contain some form of wood filler, which I have yet to determine. My only recourse to salvage the sticks was to cut off a substantial amount of the cap in order to get a reasonable draw. Perhaps the quality of this cigar would have been better, had I purchased a fresh box of 25. Unfortunately, I will never find out. While this was a bad experience for me, I encourage everyone to decide for themselves. Cheers to all...
Frank Orzel in Manchester, NJ May 4, 2005
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