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Arturo Fuente 858 Reviews [view details]

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"Makes heads turn... even on the golf course!"
You know the wind howls at the golf links, but even there, my 858, claro wrapper, made heads turn with its distinctive aroma. Sure, I had to hand out some to the guys, but, so what? As long as you keep them in stock, I'm happy to share...
Leo Leal in McAllen, TX August 8, 2003
"Really liked the Claro"
Having never tried a cigar with a candela wrapper before, I picked up a few of these to try. Their reputation as the wrapper of choice for cheap cigars always kind of turned me off to them. Boy, was that a mistake. The 8-5-8's with claro wrappers are real gems. They look great, not cheap at all. Very smooth looking wrapper which has a really nice, silky feel to it. It's green color does take a bit of getting used to, though. Great construction, as is always the case with Fuente. I also love this size, just a bit slimmer than a corona gorda, but thicker than a corona or lonsdale. Tastes is great too. I had heard that candela wrapped cigars were usually very mild. While this is no blowtorch, it is not a lightweight either. Somewhere between mild and medium. Very smooth. Refined. This has become one of my new favorites. I could smoke this everyday and not get tired of it.
B.D. in Indianapolis, IN June 12, 2003
Tried one just for fun,wow what a surprise.Burn,ash,construction,feel all typical Fuente.Nuff said there. The taste is what got me,it is a great combination of Fuentes blend with the claro wrapper that just made me burn my fingers. This is NOT your typical tastless claro cigar! If you can handle the jokes about the green you gotta give it a try. Living in Tampa I dont have much problem getting Fuentes and believe me I have some of these.
WAYNE in Tampa May 14, 2001
"Why are there no *&*#$@ 858's?"
Because people like Dave C Pompano Beach, Fl. rate them so high.
Lee in Connecticut March 13, 2001
"Poker,Single malt, Friends and some 8-5-8's!!!"
Just a few nights ago we received a box of the 8-5-8's with the claro wrapper just in time for one of our poker parties.There are three of us that have formed an unofficial tasting and sharing club of premium cigars, with that in mind here is my review.... BEST CIGAR FOR THE MONEY AND MORE!!! The Fuentes have produced another very fine cigar the aroma, appearance and constrtuction are top notch. The ash is solid and stays forever, the draw fulfilling, and the tase exquisite. the only drawback to this cigar is the availability.If you haven't had one you should!
Bill Lawrence in Alaska February 26, 2001
"make the cigars available"
Great cigar if this site can ever manage to secure inventory.
jose in icant find them December 23, 1999
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10 Construction (92) 100
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