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"Good But Inconsistent Construction"
This is the first cigar I started smoking. I enjoy Fuente products and think Fuente puts out a good product. However, lately I have noticed my 858's coming all crumbly and dried up, and the wrapper will unravel and not make for a pleasant smoke. I will not give up, but have switched to another cigar in the meantime. Give the 858 a try, maybe you'll have a better batch sent to you.
Dan in Atlanta, GA July 16, 2013
"Consistent, Consistent, Consistent"
Updated rating for this marvelous stick and it's great! I haven't had any burn issues and in fact, it burns better than some of the Cubans i have in my humi! My only complaint...is that the draw is to airy / loose but it's better if i punch the cap instead of cutting it.
Paulo in Ontario February 15, 2011
"Awesome Value!!!"
I smoked my first one last week and was impressed right off the bat. Construction was great with no hard spots or spongy spots on the cigar. From start to finish my stick had great aroma and burn. The taste was a bit mild for my liking but that's not the cigars fault. Just my preference. Recommended!
Paul in Canada January 25, 2011
"Great start but falls off later"
This cigar is my favorite size and have smoke the 8-5-8s off and on over many years. Tried 3 within the 1st week. Great smoke of sweet woodsy flavors of mild-medium strength. Hints of vanilla and caramel come to mind. Great even white-ash burn. Then at about the same 1/2-way point the cigar goes out each time. After re-lighting it recovers but then a few minutes later the flavors turn suddenly rancid and stay that way through the end over several re-lightings. Not sure if these need to be put away for a while but that's what I'm going to do. Hope they come back to enjoy a longer life in the future.
Sal R in Califnornia February 23, 2010
"One of my favorites"
Real nice balanced taste that has more depth than most cigars regardless of cost. The 858 natural is one of my 2 favorite smokes (the Fuente Churchill natural is the other). The strenght is on the mild side of medium but not too mild. Like any handrolled cigar you can expect some inconsistency but it is minimal. I rarely have one that is a difficult draw or where the wrapper unravels. All in all the 858 natural is better than the Fuente Hemingway line.
Len in Illinois December 2, 2009
One of the best, most consistent cigars out there. I've never had a bad one, and never had one I didn't smoke down to a nub. If I could only have one cigar, this would be it.
Jordan in Virginia April 29, 2009
"A Consistent Winner"
These are the stogies that turned me into a cigar lover. A smooth, tempered leathery, and woody smoke. I would recommend these cigars to beginners and experienced smokers alike. A great intro and always a great "go to" cigar. I prefer stronger cigars but I always go back to these when I have a taste for something milder.
Wayne in April 23, 2009
"Just okay for me; not great, not terrible..."
I always liked Arturo Fuente, but my experience with the 858's were neither good nor bad. I don't think I'd recommend them, but I certainly didn't dislike them. It's a forgettable smoke. There's nothing special about it. Worth the money the first time. But, all and all, I wasn't blown away.
James in Pittsburgh December 30, 2008
"Best tasting,most consistant cigar made"
I have been smoking these for years,you just cant beat the flavor and consistancy of this cigar.This is an anytime cigar,with the best flavor I have had before or after a meal. Rich, smooth,yet toasty and nut like with a taste of caramel. I highly reccomend this cigar.
Paul in New Jersey October 23, 2007
"a great smoke"
Once in a while the stars align and the cigar you are smoking is finely tuned with your environment. The Arturo fuente 858 is such a smoke.
AJS777 in Oregon January 31, 2007
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10 Construction (88) 100
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