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Arturo Fuente 858 Reviews [view details]

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"excellent cigar"
this is an excellent cigar, very smooth and very tastefull.
kelvin lathers esq in oakland ca December 24, 2004
"I had to wite again"
I have been a cigar smoker for 3 years now, and I'm the type of guy that is always looking for great cigars for less. Now, they're not giving away the 858 at $87.50 a pop, but it is still an outstanding deal.The Fuente 858 is, in my opinion, the wisest spend you can make. This cigar is the all around champion for the money.
J. Hegstrom in Duluth Minnesota February 22, 2002
"Ever smoke the perfect cigar?"
This cigar approaches perfection. From it's gorgeous appearance, to the smooth draw, it is sheer bliss from tip to cap. Of the few cigars in my humidor, a large percentage carries the 8-5-8 tag, and the price is very reasonable. Thank you sir, may I have another?
Tim Dunn in Carmel, Indiana February 15, 2002
"Just Try It"
I enjoy an 8-5-8 with some good tawny port. They're a match made in heaven. The cigar can stand on its own too. Medium bodied with great flavor and a good draw. This is another great burn by Fuente, and priced right.
J. Hegstrom in Duluth, MN September 25, 2001
"The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8"
I did a review on the Hemingway Classic a little while ago...the reason I bring that up is because the 8-5-8 reminded me of it. Even though the 8-5-8 is not as exquisite as the Hemingway series, it is still an excellent cigar. I loved everything about it, so much in fact, that I am looking forward to buying myself a box...along with a box of Hemingways. It's burn is very good, with a smooth draw, and holds together nicely. The taste is very nutty, with a hint of pepper. The left over aroma is very annoying...only because it gives you the urge to open that humidor and grab another.
CIgar Connisseur DRG in California August 9, 2001
"858s next to Heaven"
8-5-8 Maduro is the closest thing I've come across to smoking and OpusX out there, maybe the Hemingway is a little closer but it is debatable. From what I understand the 858 Mad is filled with the same tobacco that is used in a couple sticks from the OpusX line. Might explain the similarity in draw and consistent quality. Highly recommend you pick the 858 up.
Mitch Balzer in Newport Beach, CA November 27, 2000
"Great smoke"
Wonderful cigar with a rich, semi-sweet character. This one is now one of my favorites just behind the 'Perdomo La Tradition Rosado'. The guy who hates it must not smoke cigars, maybe something else. Perhaps he's missing a few cards from the deck.
Dave C. in Pompano Beach, FL. April 12, 2000
"My fav. everyday smoke Amen"
Now this is what a stick should be, superb construction, easy draw, beatifull ash and sweet spicy taste with a hint of cedar what else can a man ask for except maybe another one....Life is good thank you Fuentes fa. for such a pleasure
Pedro Garcia in San Juan Puerto Rico April 3, 2000
"This cigar sucks!!!!Please do not order this brand"
This is the worst cigar ever made.I reccomend that it be avoided if given away. I only have it as my favorite to save anyone else the displeasure of smoking it.
Lee in Connecticut February 28, 2000
This is what a cigar should be like. Enjoyed every minute of it - hated to put it out.
D.B. in NEVADA, MO February 9, 2000
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10 Construction (89) 100
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