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Arturo Fuente Anejo Reviews

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Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva #49
"fanstastic cigar"
This is one of the best cigars I have ever had.
Karl in Wichita ks March 30, 2013
Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva #49
This cigar will blow you away. Good in every reguard, but make sure you have a solid 3 hours to puff away on it.
Jon in NJ March 15, 2013
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #77
No, not even Cuba can top this one, neither can ANY OpusX. PERIOD
dd in TEXAS December 21, 2012
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #77
"Great Cigar"
Great apperance,Great Draw, Great taste......Too bad so hard to find.
Jasen in washington November 15, 2012
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #48
"WOW! Amazing cigar, TONS of flavor!"
All I can say is that this cigar was so complex, it had me enjoying it from the light all the way to the finish. Had a great, dark maduro wrapper with good looking oils that smelled of cocoa when unwrapping. It had a medium draw, but packed a lot of smoke with each puff. It changed throughout the entire smoke from nutty, to peppery, spicy, earthy, leathery, and sweet again and again... smoked it for an hour and a half appreciating the changes. One of, if not the best Fuente I've had. Paired it with coffee I brought back from the hills of Costa Rica that made the flavors really stand out. Kinda pricey, but worth it no doubt!
Cody in California July 17, 2012
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #77
"Makes Cuba Unimportant"
Best I have ever had Period. The Anejo line from Fuente makes Cuba an afterthought. This cigar is superior to the Opus X.WOW!!! Tex
Kelly M in Texas March 27, 2012
Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva #55
"Best cigar I have ever Had"
I bought these cigars a while ago and they have been in the humidor since then. Finally took one out yesterday to enjoy after a day cleaning out the garage. What a joy! This is by far the finest smoke I have ever tried. The flavors just keep coming with a nearly perfect burn, great draw and did I mention GREAT flavors. I have tried Other Maduros before but this is by far the best. Just wish I could afford to smoke these everyday. Try one, You'll like it.
Marlin in Hobart, IN September 16, 2011
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #77
"Absolute perfection!"
Hands down one of the best cigars I've ever smoked, just be sure to hunt out the places that price them reasonably, otherwise you'll pay out the nose. Can't wait to pick up a case!
Marlin in Hobart, IN September 16, 2011 August 5, 2011
A Fuente Anejo Reserva #77
"Simply the Best"
They just don't get any better than the AF Anejo. This is the only cigar besides the La Flor Dominicana 'el Jocko' that I have smoked down to where I had to use a clip. If it wasn't so cost prohibitive to smoke these every day I would. They are simply the best, and a perfect way to spoil yourself!
Ed in No. CA March 2, 2007
Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva #55
"Love Fuentes Anejo"
Anejo- pronounced aaaawnyaho, is a dynamite smoke. It is much different than all other Fuentes I ever had. Just picked up a box of the 55's. The Opus is wonderful- but this cigar, for me, takes it to another level with it's aging and construction.
Tom C in Coral Springs, Florida December 23, 2003
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