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A Fuente Anejo Reserva #48 Reviews [view details]

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"WOW! Amazing cigar, TONS of flavor!"
All I can say is that this cigar was so complex, it had me enjoying it from the light all the way to the finish. Had a great, dark maduro wrapper with good looking oils that smelled of cocoa when unwrapping. It had a medium draw, but packed a lot of smoke with each puff. It changed throughout the entire smoke from nutty, to peppery, spicy, earthy, leathery, and sweet again and again... smoked it for an hour and a half appreciating the changes. One of, if not the best Fuente I've had. Paired it with coffee I brought back from the hills of Costa Rica that made the flavors really stand out. Kinda pricey, but worth it no doubt!
Cody in California July 17, 2012
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