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Arturo Fuente Brevas Reviews [view details]

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"wishes DO come true"
10 yrs ago a friend gave me a Arturo Fuentes Brevas cigar. It was the best cigar I ever smoked. Over the yrs I assumed I could not afford AF's. Buy accident I looked at the 5 pack frenzy page and found that I could get a 5-pack of Arturo Fuentes Brevas for less than $12. They are mild, tasty, burns a little too fast (I want them to last longer) but if they were more tightly filled they would not have such a nice clean burn. I hope these baby cigars stay on the market as long as I have the money to purchase them.
punabutta8251 in Hawaii July 5, 2013
"Great Cigar"
Easy draw, tastefull nice construction. Great cigar
Angelo in RI November 5, 2009
"Awesome smoke for the price!"
This is not a comlex smoke but is very smooth and light to medium bodied which is a perfect introduction for any new smoker. Great value for a smoke that is one big step above a yard gar.
SmoknTaz in British Columbia March 30, 2009
"Take a pass"
burns when it want to burn, tough draw, bitter taste, not what I was looking for.
Dave in Minnesota June 7, 2007
"Good Smoke."
Short filled,still a good but short smoke.
Bruce in Dallas August 4, 2006
"A great smoke"
I've been looking for a cigar I can enjoy and that won't be too expensive; something I can smoke every day. I tried several brands, and then tried my first Brevas. It is excellent and just what I have been looking for. It has a smooth draw, a subdued aroma, a wholesome nutty taste and a finish that doesn't hang around to long but, long enough to make we look forward to the next one.
Don in Maryland November 26, 2005
"one great small cigar for art fuent. brevas"
these should be atleast a 9 rating
Ron Burkhardt in Texas March 30, 2005
"Not bad for short fill"
These are tasty little sticks for morning smoke. It takes me about 20 min. to get to work and these work well for my drive. They get bitter towards the end, so smoking 2/3 of the stick gives me flavorful morning stick that I toss before it gets bitter. At the price, I don't feel too guilty about tossing.
Greg in Alpena, MI November 30, 2003
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10 Burn (78) 100
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10 Consistency (77) 100
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Appearance (76) 100
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10 Taste (79) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (74) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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