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Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Reviews [view details]

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"Super Smooth"
This was like a one night stand. It didn't last for long but we both knew our positions. LOL
John in Palmdale January 22, 2013
"Excellente! Sweet, rich, smooth smoke from Fuente"
I've just been enjoying one of these from a box with a code of August 2008. After 4 years in the humidor this cigar has developed an outstanding smooth and rich flavour profile - aging absolutely smoothes out the harshness of this cigar when young. Presentation: 9/10 The cigar comes packaged in a box of 20, with individual stogies wrapped in plastic. Each cigar again is encased in a fragrant piece of Spanish cedar, tied with a green band. I applaud the "mini-humidor" that comes with the box (as to keep the cigars in a climate like that where they are manufactured). Great presentation overall. Initial Impression: 9/10 After unwrapping the caffee-au-lait coloured cigar's initial smell carries the typical fragrances of summer hay, and light leather that I associate with this type of cigar, but surprisingly also bright notes of cocoa and vanilla, as well as an almost slightly floral sour tone. Very promising already. My preference for preparing this size of cigar is to punch a hole, rather than cutting the cap. Initial draw fills mouth and nose with a wonderful aroma of fresh summer hay, with a slight sweetness. Lighting: 8/10 I proceed preparing the cigar by carefully toasting the foot with a triple-torch butane lighter until the wrapper turns into a sharp line of bright grey ash and the foot itself is charred evenly. Then I light the cigar with four hearty puffs and let it rest for 20 seconds. The flavour profile of the toasted cigar upon lighting instantly reminds me of crushed black pepper, and a note of leather as you'd find in a horse stable in a dry and warm/sunny place. Taste: 9/10 The taste of this cigar was absolutely outstanding! The profile changed throughout the smoke from deep earthy tones to sweet coffee, caramel and chocolate. Anything but one-dimensional. Upon exhale I ever so often tasted coconut and vanilla. Very similar to Padron Serie D No.4 - but a tad brighter and more 'sunny'. I obtained the best flavours from this cigar by smoking it slowly, almost like one would smoke a premium Virginia tobacco in a pipe. I could instantly feel and taste when I was puffing too fast and smoking the cigar hot: the otherwise smooth, mellow sweet flavour instantly turned spicy and acrid. Smoking characteristics: 10/10 The cigar burned evenly as drawn with a razor down to the very end. With the punch cut, the draw was 100% perfect. The ash is of a fine light grey colour and packed very tight overall indicating a high quality tobacco leaf and outstanding manufacturing skills. Ash fell off the first time after I had smoked half the cigar and boy it was quite a windy day. In summary: The cigar in my opinion perfectly captures the Carribean - the flavour profile vividly produced memories and smells of a stroll across a Dominican beach in the late afternoon sun.
Nicolo in Ottawa, ON October 15, 2012
"worst I've tasted"
Loosely rolled newspaper would best describe this cigar.
Mark in Indiana September 15, 2012
This stick was enjoyable from beginning to the nub. I would recommend these to a beginner or seasoned smoker.
Rod in Pennsylvania April 17, 2012
"My first A Fuente"
I am a new cigar smoker, switched smokeing newports for a more relaxing and flavorful smoke. This was a great recomondation from a local shop. It was very smooth and had great flavors. My only complaint is i only bought one.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 11, 2012
"It's a Fuente!"
What can I say? Fuente makes some of the best cigars on the market and I haven't smoked one I haven't liked yet. A smooth, mild cigar with great flavor and a consistent, even burn and draw. Just the right size with a great finish. It doesn't get skanky near the end like some smokes tend to be.
Steve in New York August 19, 2011
Wow! Overall a Great Smoke. Only one complaint and that is the construction of the cigar. It has a consistency to unravel while smoking must be do to the high demand of these tasty cigars. But it is still welcomed in my humidor.
Dan in June 28, 2009
Very nice cigar for relaxing outside, a fine slow burning cigar
Chris S. in GPT, MS May 1, 2009
"Not Perfect But What Is?"
Great little smoke... A nice half hour of bliss as my wife actually likes the aroma. I enjoy the easy taste, draw, great ash and even burn. The appearance is striking enough that when you hand one to a buddy he thinks you are giving him much more than a stick you can buy for $3.50! ItÂ’s my after dinner go to smoke and I will always have a box in the "every day" humi.
MJW in Wisconsin November 13, 2008
"A box for under $70.00...best deal on earth"
Everything about this cigar is awesome, but the fact that you are getting a box of these for under 70 bucks is the best thing about it.You usually pay double for a cigar like this....it's like stealing.
Dave in Coventry,Rhode Island November 11, 2008
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10 Burn (85) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (86) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (88) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (91) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (87) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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