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Arturo Fuente Reviews

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Arturo Fuente 858
"Now that s a good cigar!"
Of the last eight cigars I have recently sampled, this one is one enjoyable smoke. Can t go wrong with this one in your humidor.
Richard in South Carolina June 26, 2014
Welcome To The Chateau
"Waste of My Time"
I agree with Paul. Got the catalog, but not available. You can stop sending me your catalog.
Chuck June 2, 2014
Arturo Fuente 858
"Love this smoke"
I ve been an off an on cigar smoker a moocher from a friend for several years, and started seriously purchasing about a year ago. So far this is one of my favorites. A good anytime smoke at a decent price. Draw is perfect, very consistent. Smokes down to the nub. After many samplers, this is my first box purchase. I like most of the Fuentes I ve tried so far.
Mgriff in Nashville TN May 26, 2014
Arturo Fuente King T
"I do not smoke, BUT I ve smoked 6 cigars."
I bought this cigar on my trip to the Dominican. I smoked it 3 days ago. I LOVED IT. I am not a smoker and I ve only smoked a handful of cigars but, burns great, smooth draw, lighter taste/flavor. It wasn t a harsh smoke I didn t choke and I too smoked it down to the VERY end. I would smoke it again in a second.
Brian in Lexington, KY April 23, 2014
Arturo Fuente 858
Always dependable.Nice mild maduro with plenty of flavor.Can t decide what to smoke? Pick an 858 Maduro, you can t go wrong.
Doug in Little Rock, AR April 10, 2014
Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial
"Bad AF's"
Beware! I don't like to complain about anything. These things are all over the place. Most of my experience with Fuentes has been good but these are a disaster. I bought a full box and two five packs. I'm about half way through them and its a real disappointment.
Mike in Round Rock, TX March 23, 2014
Arturo Fuente Petit Corona
"Fine Little Cigar"
The best Petit Corona in all the world! Great flavor, naturally sweet taste %26 aroma from well aged tobacco. The burn rate is perfect. This cigar doesn t even need a band. It provides a long %26 enjoyable smoke for a small Carona. I smoke it down as far as possible. The same goes for their Exquisito Maduros which, in my humble opinion, has to be one of the finest little cigars on the planet %26 Arturo Fuente provides the most size choices of any other manufacturer. My reaction?...Satisfaction! Five*****s +!
Michael Toney in Chester, TX February 15, 2014
Arturo Fuente 858
"Good Cigar"
Great cigar! I don't know why the Claro cigars are not smoked as much as of the others but it must be lack of knowledge of cigar history. These cigars are a great treat mid day or morning. They will always be welcome in my humidor!
Puff Daddy in California February 2, 2014
Arturo Fuente Cubanitos (10)
"Great Little Cigar"
I was looking for my usual small cigar and could not find it so I picked up a tin of Cubanitos. I was knocked off my feet. They were the smoke I had been looking for for a long time. It is now my favorite all time small cigar smoke. Smokes good, construction is great and taste is what you would expect out of a quality cigar.
Blinddog in Mississippi February 1, 2014
Arturo Fuente Cubanitos (10)
"Disappointed - Very disappointed."
I was looking for an alternative smoke to my little favorites - Dannemann Speciale Brasils. I thought I d try these little Fuentes. All I can you guys is this - they taste light, cheap, and the tobacco wraps were falling off. So, poor taste, poor construction, and poor choice for a good deep flavored, rich tasting smoke.
ALAN January 30, 2014
5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!