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Arturo Fuente Reviews

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Arturo Fuente Rothschilds
"The hands of time were rushed"
I was very fond of Fuente Cigars until this box. Took a full box on a transatlantic cruise and 9 out 10 cigars were not smokeable, plugged. Very disappointed.
Lonnie in Tampa,FL July 24, 2013
Arturo Fuente 858
"Good But Inconsistent Construction"
This is the first cigar I started smoking. I enjoy Fuente products and think Fuente puts out a good product. However, lately I have noticed my 858's coming all crumbly and dried up, and the wrapper will unravel and not make for a pleasant smoke. I will not give up, but have switched to another cigar in the meantime. Give the 858 a try, maybe you'll have a better batch sent to you.
Dan in Atlanta, GA July 16, 2013
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe
"Great daily!"
I've been smoking these for several years. I have only come across a handful that were too tight to smoke, many have the problem of going out, but if you are busy doing your daily activities and go back to your smoke that's not a big deal. The spicy, smooth flavor is very satisfying and the aroma is nice. The price is about as good as you can get for a cigar this good. My friends love them when I give them one here and there, plus they never know you have such an economical smoke!
Patrick in Columbus, Ohio July 12, 2013
Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona
"Great Smoke"
Ok so the draw was tight, but it wasn't really bad. All in all good price for good quality.
Deric in Alabama July 7, 2013
Arturo Fuente Brevas
"wishes DO come true"
10 yrs ago a friend gave me a Arturo Fuentes Brevas cigar. It was the best cigar I ever smoked. Over the yrs I assumed I could not afford AF's. Buy accident I looked at the 5 pack frenzy page and found that I could get a 5-pack of Arturo Fuentes Brevas for less than $12. They are mild, tasty, burns a little too fast (I want them to last longer) but if they were more tightly filled they would not have such a nice clean burn. I hope these baby cigars stay on the market as long as I have the money to purchase them.
punabutta8251 in Hawaii July 5, 2013
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe
"Smooth smoke for the price"
The first thing that attracted me to this cigar was the price. It has a smooth taste too. Bought 5 of these and here's my review: 1. The cigars had to be re-ignited 2-3 times during the smoke. 2. Lots of tobacco bits in your mouth while smoking them. 3. Multiple stems causing uneven burning. With that said, it tasted pretty good, and if you can get beyond the aforementioned issues, it's a good tasting cigar.
Steve in South Florida July 2, 2013
Arturo Fuente Cubanitos (10)
"A New Favorite For Me"
The perfect small smoke. Definitely going into my normal rotation.
Matt in NH June 28, 2013
Arturo Fuente Privada #1
"Short encounter with a beautiful lady"
6 3/4 x 44 The cigar ring seemed cheap and loose, making me thing the cigar was going to be the same......... Pre-light Hay 1st 1/3 Very smooth take off, medium body Sweet tobacco flavor, light chocolate, very creamy, light leather, sweet coffee Dam this is a sleeper, very enjoyable maduro wrapper Burns cool and little off on the burn, could be me hitting it to fast, being so tasty. Now some spicy ginger to sweet molasses, some light clove 2nd 1/3 Baby burns fast but what a pleasure, burn straighten out on it's own No pepper (yea baby!) semi sweet dark chocolate showing herself, yummy Light mint and light incense now. Final 1/3 No doubt complex and flavorful little bugga, I want a sampler of this line soon. Overall, this smoke was a real pleasure, and – at only $4.50 to $5 apiece – not one I will wait too long before indulging in again. I give the Arturo Fuente Privada No. 1 a 8.5 out of 10 Smoke time 50 min Short encounter with a beautiful lady
Dan in Cally June 20, 2013
Arturo Fuente Double Chateau
I love the consistency and burn of this cigar as well. Good aroma, excellent choice!!
Leonard in memphis June 8, 2013
Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe
"Great Value,"
These cigars remind me so much of the late but great Roi-tan cigars. Don't turn your nose up at these as inferior cigars because that they are not. They are rolled with the same exact tobaccos that go into their Don Carlos and Sun Grown lines. These rolling rooms do not waste tobacco and the small stuff left over goes into these. The taste is perfect and they can be a little on the powerful side. The aroma is delicious as is the taste. Better than a bundle cigar but with the bundle price.
Jack in Texas May 31, 2013
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