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Arturo Fuente Cubanitos (10) Reviews [view details]

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Worms ahoy! I love so many of Arturo Fuente's cigar; double chateau, Don Carlos, cuesta rey etc. but the cubanitos, always smoked as a 'quickie' have finally tried my patience. Out of some twenty five tins (each purchased individually) over a period of one year seven had to be returned because of worm infestation. Ughhh!
Eric in middle east December 20, 2003
"Cubanitos vs Partagas Puritos"
For comparison, I bought two tins of Cuabanitos and two of Partagas Puritos. The first two were very similar, with the Puritos slightly better. But the second tin of Cubanitos was a different story. The taste was uneven, and two were downright awful. I concluded that the Cubanito manufacturing was simply careless. Buy the Puritos and save both money and your taste buds.
Stan G in San Marcos, TX December 15, 2003
"So fine - and - anytime"
Well, I really don't like them at all - too smooth - aroma too compelling (er, how many boxes do you guys have left anyway?) my wife hates the aroma (hey honey, how much do we have left in our savings account!) no, no, I don't recommend them to anyone (quick, transfer all available boxes to my Swiss vault!). Oh what the heck - they're an 11 - just about the perfect small treat one can imagine.
Dave in Oregon September 20, 2001
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10 Construction (84) 100
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